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  • Going to the Movies

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Dec 15, 2021

    For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I decided it was high time to see a movie the way they are intended to be seen - in a movie theater. So, on a recent Friday night, I took my son Austin over to Valley Cinemas in downtown Glasgow to watch "Ghostbusters: Afterlife." I will give a review on that movie later in the column. First thing to know if you have never been to the Valley Cinemas before, take cash. They don't except debit or credit cards. Second, there is plenty of elbow r... Full story

  • 'Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow'

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Dec 8, 2021

    After record high temps, winter arrived early in Valley County Saturday with four inches of snow accumulating on the ground, according to the National Weather Service (NWS) Glasgow Office. "We actually had a high temperature of 69 on the Dec. 1. Unofficially, we got to 70," said Ted Jamba, NWS Glasgow Meteorologist. "Then, the temperatures started falling starting Thursday. I think today [Monday] has been the coldest day so far. We've got 8 degrees right now [at 2 p.m.]. It is pretty cool." High...

  • Pearl Harbor Vet

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Dec 8, 2021

    Tuesday marked the 80th Anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, a day which will forever "live in infamy." It is hard to believe eight decades have gone by already, and there are fewer and fewer veterans who were around that day to tell the story. In 2016, I interviewed Tom Berg of Port Townsend, Washington over the phone. He was in Hawaii for 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack. Berg enlisted in the Navy at the age of 18 in 1940. He said he requested assignment to the USS... Full story

  • Record Warm Weather In Valley County

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Dec 1, 2021

    Valley County experienced a brief warm spell over the weekend, with temperatures expected to above normal through at least Thursday. The warm weather is not normal, Mark Avery, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Glasgow, told The Courier Monday. "Not even close." The high for Nov. 29 is usually 34 with a low of 15, Avery said. "We are 52 right now, so that is an 18" degree difference. "Last year it was 40 for a high and 12 for a low," Avery continued. "The high was six above...

  • Man Arrested for Allegedly Unlawfully Shooting Firearm Downtown

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Dec 1, 2021

    A Glasgow man was arrested Nov. 24 after allegedly discharging a firearm in the downtown area. At about 10:34 p.m., a witness called 911 to report gunshots fired somewhere near Campbell Lodge and the Oasis Bar. Another witness identified the shooter as William Hoerster. Dispatch kept the caller on the line until two Glasgow Police officers and three Valley County Sheriff's Deputies arrived on scene. Police and deputies found Hoerster driving his pickup truck on Aiken and Hagen Roads southwest...

  • 'Guilty of Being White'

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Dec 1, 2021

    Just after the mostly peaceful protest at the nation's Capitol Building on Jan. 6, for the first time in my life I felt unsafe in my own country. Not because of the hordes of disgruntled American citizens protesting the presidential election, or their breeching of the federal building, but because many media outlets used it as justification to figuratively attack people just like me. I am a white male conservative, and a protestant. I am also a dad, so that automatically makes me a part of the... Full story

  • Publisher's Desk

    Chris McDaniel, Publisher at The Courier|Nov 24, 2021

    I recently had a conversation about how the political cycle never really pauses anymore. For my generation, this is par for the course. CNN launched not too long before I was born, so the constant news cycle is nothing new. You can tell, however, what drives ratings because the powers that be will beat whatever poor horse it is to death, ignoring other more relevant news. In the early 1990s, it was the OJ Simpson case. My fifth grade class watched the verdict live. Our teacher figured it was something we should witness. Thinking back, it...

  • Underpass Mural Vandalized


    It took months of hard work by volunteers to paint the mural along the Glasgow downtown underpass, and only minutes for a vandal to leave their grubby marks in the form of graffiti. Patrolman Scott Campbell and Senior Patrolman Josh Nolan were contacted by The artist, Cat McIntyre, about the incident. The Glasgow Police Department is taking the mural defacing seriously and have come up with plans to seek out and apprehend any further defacing incidents. "It is disappointing to see this happen...

  • GHS Class of 2022 Chooses Guest Speaker for Graduation Ceremony

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 17, 2021

    Normally, the class speaker for the annual Glasgow High School graduation ceremony must themselves be a former graduate of GHS. In spite of the fact Wade Nelson is a graduate of Hinsdale High School, his positive impact on the Glasgow High School Class of 2022 led them to request a special exemption just for him. "Each one of us took his class and we all have integral memories from the days we spent with him," Blaire Westby said during the last Glasgow School Board meeting. He was very...

  • Publisher's Desk

    Chris McDaniel, PUBLISHER T.H.W.T.B|Nov 17, 2021

    It came at me like a ton of bricks. A week ago Sunday morning I was just fine. By early afternoon, the onslaught of fever had begun. I am old enough now to have gone through my fair share of flus and colds, so I decided on that Sunday to sweat it out. Off to bed I went clad in a wool beanie, t-shirt, jacket, pants, socks and two blankets. Even with all that on, I could barely get warm enough. It was a greatly pleasurable experience when I did finally get warm. I could feel the heat radiating throughout my nerves. The next morning, it was back... Full story

  • Horrors of War Echo On 52 Years Later

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 10, 2021

    "My very first fire fight, we were lucky," Felice "Phil" Wilson, a Vietnam War Army veteran who served as a tanker in country during 1969, told The Courier last week. "We went out the gate at Long Bihn into a rice paddy and we got ambushed. We fought for like 45 minutes straight, which was a real small engagement. We killed about 140 and we didn't take any hits, any injuries or anything like that. You get sort of a false sense of security, thinking 'well, I am inside of this tank, I can't be...

  • Last of a Dying Breed

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Nov 10, 2021

    Valley County is blessed with ample news coverage. On the airwaves, KLTZ keeps all things local as residents go about their day to day lives. The B.S. Buzz also offers a hyper-local focus on area news, sometimes picking up stories which could not, for whatever reason, make it into The Courier that week. We do not have a local TV-affiliate, which means the news coverage we get on TV is based in Billings or wherever. I can't say us newspaper and radio journalists mind that too much. One less dog... Full story

  • Rod Karst Elected as Mayor of Glasgow

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 3, 2021

    Rod Karst has won his bid for Mayor of the city of Glasgow, according to unofficial totals released by the Valley County Election Administration Office at 8 p.m. Tuesday. His term will begin in early 2022. Canvassing is expected to take place within the next week. The results will be made official at that time, A recount is not expected because of the large difference in votes, said Marie L. Pippin, Valley County Election Administrator. Out of 1,142 votes cast, Karst received 820 votes, or 72%...

  • DOJ Offers FBI Aid To Investigate Valley County Parents

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 3, 2021

    A letter from the acting U.S. Attorney for Montana recently arrived on the desk of Valley County Sheriff Tom Boyer. It offers federal resources - including FBI agents - to investigate parents accused of threatening area school board members over issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. "The FBI has no business handling local jurisdictional matters, quite frankly," Boyer told The Courier. "Even the fact that letter was sent out, it was misguided. They have no business directing us, or including...

  • Come Drunk and Get Eat

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 3, 2021

    During Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on Monday, the kitchen at Tequila Breeze was full of life. It was the opening day for the New Mexican and Wood-Fire Grill restaurant, located inside the Glasgow Elks building, and things couldn't have been hotter. The new eatery was so popular, it ran out of food after serving customers at 53 tables. "We ran out of everything," Tequila Breeze Owner-Chef Steven Beardshear told The Courier Monday night. Executive Chef Kevin "K-Dizzle" Bennett said he was...

  • Familiar Face Back at Glasgow Police Department

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Nov 3, 2021

    After two years away from the Glasgow Police Department, Renee Jones just couldn't stay away from the close law enforcement family she has bonded with over the past decade. "I really missed working with the police department," Jones told The Courier recently. "I had spent eight years here, and it was time for me to step away and have a job where I wasn't necessarily on call." Jones formerly was a victim specialist at GPD, a position she filled from 2011 through 2019. "I spend eight years...

  • What a Time to be Alive

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Nov 3, 2021

    It seems every generation has its crises. For those Americans alive when Benjamin Franklin was living it up with the ladies in France, they faced open rebellion against their King and years of suffering as the revolution raged. Then, they were faced with the Herculean task of forming a sustainable democratic-republican government. (They failed the first time around). Their kids and grandkids would pioneer east towards the Mississippi River and fight off the English one more time in 1812. Their... Full story

  • Papers Please

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Oct 27, 2021

    "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." A tale of two states. As I was perusing the website of a newspaper I used to work for in Western Washington, my eye was caught by a headline that made me grateful I no longer live there. It was, "Proof of vaccination required at these businesses and events." That means, for the unvaccinated, entrance is barred. Your money is no good. You are an outcast. I am pretty sure such policies are the definition of discriminatory practices. The... Full story

  • Race for Nashua Mayor Uncontested

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 27, 2021

    Although Larry Potter registered a the Valley County Courthouse to run as a candidate for Nashua Mayor, and paid the $15 filing fee, he failed to then register with the Commissioner of Political Practices (COPP) and was not legally eligible for placement on the current ballot. Due to the failure to register with COPP, his would be opponent -- JoAnna Turner -- technically is running unopposed. A such, there was no need to place the mayor's race on the ballot, explained Marie L. Pippin, Valley Cou... Full story

  • 'They're Approaching the Tyrannosaur Paddock'

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 20, 2021

    Hovering directly above the remains of a tyrannosaurid discovered in the Badlands of Valley County, helicopter pilot Rob Sperry needed to remain stationary as archaeologist Josh Chase connected a steel cable hanging from the Chinook to the steel frame on the ground containing the fossils. Not only did Chase need to be wary of the cable and hook –weighing in excess of 100 pounds and potentially becoming a wrecking ball – but of the electricity generated by the helicopter. "That helicopter gen...

  • Legacy of Fine Coffee Continues Under New Management

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 20, 2021

    The Loaded Toad has a new owner, but boasts the same legacy of delicious culinary confections and fine coffee. Glasgow native Candy Lagerquist has purchased the long time business from Alicia Frueh, officially taking the mantle on Sept. 10. Alicia and her late husband, Robert "Jimmy" Frueh, themselves became the new owners of the coffee shop on Aug. 25, 2019. They, in turn, purchased the shop from Jimmy's sister, Ann Kulczyk, who opened the coffee shop on July 14, 2014. Jimmy died from...

  • Proposed Vaccine Mandate Could Put Businesses in Sticky Situation

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 20, 2021

    With Montana State law prohibiting a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and a potential Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule that would punish businesses with 100 or more employees for not mandating such vaccinations, applicable Valley County businesses may find themselves in a legal gray area. "I have had conversations with business owners and member of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, and obviously they are concerned they are going to be put between a rock and a hard place where -...

  • Newspaper Archives Get A New Home

    Chris McDaniel, Courier Publisher|Oct 20, 2021

    I am pleased to announce that more than a century of Valley County History is now available for public perusal at the Valley County Pioneer Museum. After the original Courier building was damaged beyond repair not too long ago, quick decisions had to be made about what to do with the many volumes of old newspapers which had meticulously documented Valley County since the early 20th Century. The collection also includes other publications in Valley County which no longer exist. It is quite the tr... Full story

  • Glasgow Schools Cancel In Person Learning Next Week

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 13, 2021

    Due to a large number of personnel being unable to work due to illness, and a lack of substitutes available due to an ongoing shortage, Glasgow School District has canceled all in person classes from Monday Oct. 18 through Wednesday, Oct. 20. Students already were not scheduled to attend classes on Thursday, Oct. 21. "I apologize for the short notice and the hardships this may create for our families in our community," Wade Sundby, Glasgow School District #1A Superintendent, said in a press... Full story

  • Gov. Gianforte Calls on Biden to Reopen Canadian Border

    Chris McDaniel, The Courier|Oct 13, 2021

    UPDATE: On Wednesday, the Biden Administration took the first steps to reopen the northern border by allowing vaccinated Canadians into the U.S. starting in November. It would remain closed to the unvaccinated. Governor Greg Gianforte continues to push the Biden Administration to reopen the Canadian border, noting the disparity with the Mexican Border which is virtually wide open to unvaccinated and undocumented foreign nationals who have been flooding across. "It is a tragic irony that the...

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