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From Senator Mike Lang On SD 17

This week marks the mid-way point of the legislative session, 45th day. It corresponds with a deadline requiring bills that do not have money associated with them to be sent to the opposite chamber of the legislature. Many great bills survived the... Full story


A Thank You to My Community

Dear Northeast Montana, This Friday, coming home from the District Tournament in Malta, Zora and I had car trouble. It was late; it was dark; the temperature was 8 degrees and falling. There were all... Full story


Inclusive Policies, Not Exclusive

Dear Editor, As a high school library assistant, I witness the importance of making every student feel safe, welcome and supported. HB 112 would ban transgender students from participating in athletic... Full story


From Senator Mike Lang On SD 17

Feb 21, 2021 Moving of bills has been slow. We are required by law to have the Senate bills referred to the House at the end of the 45th day, March 3rd. Committees and the floor sessions will be long... Full story


Weekly Legislative Update from House Speaker Pro Tem Casey Knudsen

February 19, 2021 HELENA- We are less than two weeks away from Transmittal which is the halfway point of the legislative session, which is the time when all general House bills must be voted on and... Full story


Remembering Strong Women

I am thinking of "Strong Women" today. Over the years we have heard a lot about Women's Rights, strong women, etc. I found an old, old photo of a township plat showing all sections of land with the...


Take the bull by the horns, legislature: Pass Country of Origin Labeling in Montana

Dear Editor, Consumers have the right to know the origin of their beef purchases, and ranchers have the right to a fair and competitive market. This is a reasonable expectation. However, since 2015... Full story


MT SD 17 Update

February 8th was the 26th day of the 67th Montana legislature. Montana law says that we can meet for 90 days and must approve a balanced budget. Thank all of you who have reached out with phone calls... Full story


Stories from the Strong

The Valley CARE Coalition proudly presents stories from Valley County residents who have struggled, continue to struggle, or have found peace surrounding mental health, substance use disorders, or beh... Full story


Regarding the Coronavirus Vaccine

Dear Editor, I have been in practice as a physician in Glasgow for just over three years, and the past year has certainly been difficult for me, my staff and our patients. Lately, I have been asked by... Full story


Remembering Unusual Winters

This has been an unusual winter as we have had very little adverse weather other than high winds. We can count our blessings that we have not had lots of snow on the ground. If you did not grow up... Full story


Montana Indians Deserve a Better Budget

Dear Editor, Native communities have been disproportionately hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us have lost loved ones to this virus. Many more have suffered from the reopened wounds of...


Unions Still Matter

Dear Editor, As the 67th Legislative session begins, we once again see the ugly head of the Montana Citizens for the Right to Work coalition rise. Their executive director, Mr. Randy Pope claims that...


Election Days at Tampico Hall

I had occasion the other day to make a visit to the Tampico Hall. I was surprised at how nostalgic the visit made me. Opening the door to the building and seeing the wooden benches and tables brought back many memories of community card parties,...


Montana Businesses Need Protection from COVID-19 Liability

Dear Editor, Montana, along with the rest of the US, has suffered through almost an entire year filled with the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.  The impact on our health can be quantified by...


Montana Wildlife Federation on Gov. Gianforte's Proposed Budget

This budget is a good starting point and continues to fund the state agencies and outdoor programs that support wildlife protection, enhance public access, and conserve our working lands. Previous...


When Shoes Lasted Forever

Thank you to my friend for seeing that I had an article for this issue of the Courier. Do you remember back in the day when a pair of shoes lasted forever. Shoes were passed down from one kid to the...


Stories from the Strong: Schizophrenia

The Valley CARE Coalition proudly presents stories from Valley County residents who have struggled, continue to struggle, or have found peace surrounding mental health, substance use disorders, or...


State Parks and Fishing Access Still Matter

Dear Editor, As one of the most challenging years in Montana history comes to a close, we want to call Montanans' attention to the important role our state parks and fishing access sites have played d...


Season's Greetings From Scotlnd

Dear People of Glasgow, Montana, Season's Greetings from friends in Glasgow, Scotland. We would love to welcome you one day to come and visit us and my wife Alice, and baby son Oliver (6 months),...


The Twelve Days of Christmas

Dear Editor, I am writing to you about the "Twelve Days of Christmas" which begin on December 25 and end on January 5 which is Twelfth Night. The twelve days of Christmas are not a twelve day...


In the Midst of a Pandemic

Dear Editor, Eugene's Pizza was a part of my growing up in Valley County. It was where we went to celebrate, a place to hang out with friends, and a place that was unique in our vast state. When I...


In Response

Dear Editor, After reading Ms. Sarah Hitchcock's letter to the editor in the Dec. 2, 2020, Courier, I must say I will agree to disagree. I understand Ms. Hitchcock's stance on the paramount...


Wearing Masks

Dear Editor, I was in a restaurant eating when a person entered through a door with a sign stating masks required. The person left slamming the door and cursing. Later three entered but just left...


Concerning Masks

Dear Editor, It was with much interest that I read the letter by Sarah Hitchcock concerning the wearing of masks. I will definitely give her credit for one statement, she has a right to not wear a...


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