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I recently had a conversation about how the political cycle never really pauses anymore. For my generation, this is par for the course. CNN launched not too long before I was born, so the constant news cycle is nothing new. You can tell, however,...

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    November 24, 2021 

OP-ED: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Creates Montana Jobs, Lowers Costs

As a farmer, I know firsthand that good things take time. Every year, I plant my fields with crops like wheat, barley, peas, and saffron, and in July, August, and September, I harvest those crops and reap what I’ve sown. Writing laws is much the...


OP-ED: When Giving Thanks, Don't Forget Your Local Paper

As Thanksgiving approaches, I usually take a little time to think about who and what I'm thankful for and express my. That seems to be the point, after all. This year, for various reasons, my thoughts and appreciation turn toward journalists,...

 By Jack Ballard    Opinion    November 24, 2021 

OP-ED: Why Would You Say "No?"

I’m running to be the next member of Congress from Montana’s eastern district because I’ve devoted my life to this state’s people, land and wildlife. It pains me to see our lone representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, Matt...



This past Veteran’s Day weekend there was a Copeland Victory Rally held in Washington, D.C. to thank and honor Veterans and all who patriotically serve our country in many different ways. Their Victory TV channel, which is on Dish or Direct TV,...


Publisher's Desk

It came at me like a ton of bricks. A week ago Sunday morning I was just fine. By early afternoon, the onslaught of fever had begun. I am old enough now to have gone through my fair share of flus and colds, so I decided on that Sunday to sweat it... Full story



On November 9, DC District Court judge Tanya Chutkan refused former US president Donald Trump's request, based on "executive privilege," for a preliminary injunction forbidding the National Archives and Records Administration to release documents to... Full story



The month-long showdown over taxes is finally nearing its end as the majority of Congressional Democrats face off against a small group of their moderate colleagues in a fight over the future of the party and the country. While most Democrats are... Full story


Last of a Dying Breed

Valley County is blessed with ample news coverage. On the airwaves, KLTZ keeps all things local as residents go about their day to day lives. The B.S. Buzz also offers a hyper-local focus on area... Full story


OP-ED: George Washington - Patriot or Traitor?

Many people who are opposed to mandatory Covid vaccinations hold themselves out to be patriots and call those in favor of mandates traitors. Pretty powerful words and it raises an interesting point as far as American history is concerned, namely,... Full story


OP-ED: When Our Politicians Buy Never-Ending War, We Get What They Make Us Pay For

In 1954, Congress passed, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed, a bill transforming Armistice Day — November 11, a post-World-War One celebration of peace — into Veterans Day, a celebration of warriors. Personally, I stick to the original na... Full story


OP-ED: Don't Be Surprised by the No Surprises Act

In January 2022, federal legislation takes effect limiting surprise medical billing for out-of-network healthcare. Passed with bipartisan support in Congress and signed by President Donald Trump, the No Surprises Act (NSA) is the most sweeping... Full story


What a Time to be Alive

It seems every generation has its crises. For those Americans alive when Benjamin Franklin was living it up with the ladies in France, they faced open rebellion against their King and years of... Full story


Tired of Reading About Unvaxxed Being Protected

When I looked at this week's Courier I thought, 'Oh, good, the autumn bazaar was a success.' However, there was nary a mask in sight! It's as though there is no covid pandemic and somehow we are immun... Full story


OP-ED: When It Comes to Legislation, Reading Should Be Fundamental

"Congress is gradually moving toward having only one bill per year," former congressman Justin Amash (L-MI) tweeted recently. And that bill will have "everything stuffed into it, negotiated by just a few congressional leaders, completely behind... Full story


OP-ED: SBA supports Montana's Veteran entrepreneurs and their families

It’s no surprise that current and former members of the military make great entrepreneurs. The resilience, determination, and fortitude they acquired while in uniform was a great training ground for becoming a successful small business owner.... Full story

 By Mark Cohen    Opinion    November 3, 2021

OP-ED: Sacrificing efficiency, science, and multilateralism for virtue-signaling

The Biden administration wants to improve America's international reputation. That's why it endorsed a proposal before the World Trade Organization to waive all intellectual property rights related to Covid-19. The president intends for this offer... Full story


Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God

"Again, the next day, John stood with two of his disciples. And looking at Jesus as he walked, [John] said, "Behold, the Lamb of God." John 1:35-36 Have you noticed how often we come across sheep and... Full story


Papers Please

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." A tale of two states. As I was perusing the website of a newspaper I used to work for in Western Washington, my eye was caught by a headline... Full story


OP-ED: Political Power is the Problem, Not the Solution

President Joe Biden wants the Occupational Safety & Health Administration to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all workers at companies with more than 100 employees. Local governments from sea to shining sea, including those of New York City and San... Full story


OP-ED: American Redoubt

Recently my home county of Sanders twice made national news, first for having the highest increase in COVID cases in the United States and more recently for a group of citizens pressuring a member of the Sanders County Board of Health into resigning... Full story


OP-ED: Insurance May Not Cover a Hail Damaged Roof

When it comes to insuring your home it is important to know there is a significant difference between “Replacement Cost” and “Actual Cash Value” coverage. We’ll get to that shortly. You can't watch TV without seeing an insurance... Full story


Newspaper Archives Get A New Home

I am pleased to announce that more than a century of Valley County History is now available for public perusal at the Valley County Pioneer Museum. After the original Courier building was damaged beyo... Full story


Letters to the Editor For Oct. 20, 21

IRS Seeks Approval to Snoop There is an ongoing battle regarding the $3.5 trillion reconciliation plan proposed by the Biden Administration, which includes a provision that would require financial... Full story


OP-ED: Working to Protect Montanans from Democrats' Tax and Spend Spree

Democrats, led by President Biden, Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi, are rushing a reckless $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree bill through Congress that would reshape the very... Full story


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