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Delay In Receipt Of Glasgow Courier

Again, we want to thank all the readers, subscribers and advertisers for supporting us. We want to reiterate, we recognize the printing of The Glasgow Courier has not been up to the standards that you expect from your local newspaper. We recognize the too dark photos where you can’t see who is in the photo. We recognize the blurriness of photos. We also recognize the dark streaks on the pages, which make it hard to read what is on the page.

For the month of June, The Glasgow Courier will be printing in Kalispell, Mont. We have to submit pages to the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, by 5 p.m., so they can print the issue overnight on Monday. Tuesday morning, the newspapers will be dropped off to UPS to make their way to our office. Due to shipping times, the newspapers will arrive to our office on Thursdays for distribution.

As soon as the newspapers arrive in our office, we will get them distributed to our local dealers and dropped off at the Glasgow Post Office. As a result, we expect local subscribers to receive their newspapers in the mail on Fridays or on Mondays at the latest.

For quicker access of The Glasgow Courier, we recommend navigating to our website and read the weekly issue on your computer, tablet or phone.

Every subscriber to The Glasgow Courier, that receives their newspaper in the mail, can sign up for a digital copy through our website. Go to and sign up for a trial subscription. You will need to choose an user name and password.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Michelle Bigelbach

Terry Trang

Gwendolyne Honrud


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