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Concerns Regarding Town Council Of Nashua

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concerns regarding recent events that have come to light regarding the Town Council of Nashua. The purpose of this letter is to shed light on the serious issues that have been identified, namely the missed municipal election and the conduct of Town Council meetings.

Prior to the regularly scheduled Town Council Meeting on April 8, it was revealed that there would not be a municipal election this year. Astonishingly, this oversight had gone unnoticed, and the Nashua Town Council missed an entire election year! The implications of this lapse in democratic process are concerning, to say the least. It raises questions about the accountability and effectiveness of our local government.

When this matter was raised during the meeting, the Mayor, JoAnna Turner, dismissed any discussion on the topic and suggested making an appointment for further inquiry. Furthermore, it was discovered that some council members had not filed their candidacy with the State of Montana, rendering their positions unrecognized and potentially invalid. The lack of adherence to legal requirements raises serious doubts about the legitimacy of the Town Council's composition and decisions.

Another issue of great concern is the conduct of the Town Council meetings themselves. Despite the recent resolution passed on public participation, the reality is far from satisfactory. The limited time allocated for public comments, a mere three minutes, coupled with the Mayor's failure to invite public input, creates an environment where residents' concerns and questions are not adequately addressed. This lack of engagement with the community undermines the principles of transparency and accountability that should be the foundation of our local governance.

The Town Council's commitment to conducting legal and efficient meetings is also questionable. The brevity of these meetings, averaging only 16-17 minutes, suggests a lack of thorough discussion and consideration of important matters. This, combined with the lack of a municipal election and the absence of an audit requested by the State for 2020 and 2022, this paints a disturbing picture of an entity failing to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations.

Montana's constitution and laws emphasize the importance of open decision-making processes and citizen participation. The current state of affairs in The Town of Nashua does not align with these fundamental principles. The rights of residents to participate in local government decisions and access information about public bodies are not being upheld adequately.

It is incumbent upon our elected officials to address these issues immediately and take the necessary steps to rectify the situation. We, as residents, deserve a transparent and accountable local government that operates in the best interests of the community. I urge the Town Council to conduct a thorough investigation into the missed election, ensure that all council members can and will fulfill the necessary requirements for their positions, and improve the transparency and inclusivity of Town Council meetings.

The future of our town depends on the trust and confidence we have in our local government. Let us work together to restore faith in our democratic processes and ensure that the voices of the residents of Nashua are heard and respected.


Nashua Resident, Jody Sundheim Novak


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