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Soroptimist Changing Names

Dear Editor, The local women's group known as Soroptimist will be changing in name only. In May of 2021, we received notice the the guidelines of Soroptimist International of the America (SIA) would...


Guest opinion: Doing nothing in a crisis makes things worse

Originally ran in the Billings Gazette Feb. 25, 2022 Reprinted with permission from the author by DARYL TOEWS The older people in our nursing homes have a problem. The state puts people on Medicaid...


"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." - Coretta Scott King

I am so happy to be back at the Glasgow Courier and have the ability to tell stories of amazing people doing great things for their community. When I first moved to Glasgow, almost seven years ago with a two-week old, I will admit, I did not give...


Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act (BCSA)

Dear Editor, Outdoor recreation comprises $7.1 billion of Montana's economy and generates $286 million in tax revenue. Additionally, the outdoor recreation economy provides 71,000 jobs to Montanans....


Darin Dimas

Last spring I, Lowell Young, was watching Operation Outdoor Freedom on the Discovery Channel. It is a great show that honors our Veterans. At the end of the show it said that if you wanted to...


The Power of the Free Press

A few weeks back, I wrote about a new initiative announced by the Internal Revenue Service to begin requiring visitors to its website to register with third party app, — providing their email address, Social Security number, photo ID and... Full story


OP-ED: Grateful for Hinsdale Teachers

The national teacher shortage is certainly felt in districts across Montana. When I entered the teaching profession eighteen years ago, it seemed that most teaching jobs were competitive with several qualified applicants seeking the same position. To... Full story


OP-ED: Pope Francis States the Obvious, but Omits Half of Humanity

The United Nations designates February 6 of each year as an "International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation." This year, in remarks accompanying his Angelus prayer before a crowd at St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis denounced the... Full story


Tyrannical Trudeau vs. The 'Freedom Convoy'

Canadian truckers on Saturday answered a big 10-4 to gathering in Ottawa, Ontario to protest against cross-border vaccine mandates. As of Jan. 22, the Biden administration has required all truck drivers who cross US borders to be fully vaccinated.... Full story


OP-ED: The Right to Be Let Alone

In an age where people are falling all over themselves to divulge their most personal information to the world at large through social media and where people willingly give their permission to internet search engines like Google to gather and sell... Full story


OP-ED: Tester Delivers for Milk River

At their meeting on Friday, January 21, members of the St. Mary/Milk River Working Group expressed great appreciation for Senator Jon Tester’s success in securing $100 million in the Bi-partisan Infrastructure Bill, which he helped negotiate, to... Full story


Funeral Notices for Feb. 2, 2022

• Melvin LeRoy Vegge, 82, of Glasgow, Montana passed away January 28, 2022 at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital in Glasgow, Montana. Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Friday, February 4, 2022 at First Lutheran Church with Pastor Scott Kiehn...


Well Hello There, Big Brother...

As if tax season weren't already a hassle, now the IRS has gone full on "Big Brother." As of this summer, visitors to the IRS website needing to access the Child Tax Credit Update Portal, check... Full story


OP-ED: Democrats' Federal Election Takeover Bill

If there’s one thing Montanans are about, it’s common sense. We work hard, play by the rules and don’t like when Washington elites impose laws that go against what works for Montana. That’s why I fought against President Biden and the... Full story


OP-ED: Spin Doctors Fail to Make Case for APR

The American Prairie Reserve (APR), aka American Prairie Foundation, aka American Prairie, continues to struggle with its tattered public image and is now engaged in a media flurry to convince wild bison opponents of its many virtues by trotting out... Full story


OP-ED: Together, we can put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror

As we flip the calendar page to a New Year, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our health and daily lives. However, as we look toward 2022, a lot has changed, and it is important to remember that we have many more tools available now to... Full story


A Win For Civil Liberties

The Jan. 13 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to block the Biden Administration from implementing its Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) COVID-19 vaccine mandate on private businesses with 100 or more... Full story

 By Carl Tarum    Opinion    January 19, 2022

High gas prices

This is one of the Campaign promises kept in the 2020 elections. One party promised to kill Keystone Pipeline, stop drilling, and to import more oil. They kept that promise, and we are paying for... Full story


OP-ED: Photo ID to Vote? Well, OK, But ...

One perennial proposal in the ongoing "fight" (actually more a set of dueling theatrical productions a la professional wrestling) over "election integrity" is a requirement that voters produce official, government-issued identification documents,... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    January 19, 2022

OP-ED: Mr. Smith & Senate Filibuster

One of the great motion pictures of all time was the 1939 Academy Award blockbuster directed by the legendary Frank Capra called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The movie was based on an unpublished manuscript by Lewis R. Foster with the title, “The... Full story


Natural Gas Prices are Ridiculous

Well I opened my gas bill for December today... Cuss words. I had expected the bill to be larger than normal because I keep my thermostat at around 65 degrees, which is about 90 degrees warmer than it has been outside on those -30 degree days....


Studying Pigeons on Cocaine...

“And how about the Federal government? Well, unsurprisingly, it managed to keep spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need,” U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) says in the 2021 “Festivus”’ Report on Government Waste, an annual... Full story

 By Jim Elliott    Opinion    January 5, 2022

OP-ED: The Power of Listening

You can learn a lot by listening to what someone has to say, especially if you disagree with them. I’m not talking about learning only about what issue they might be talking about, I mean that you can learn a lot about the person you’re... Full story


OP-ED: A Modest Proposal - Pandemic Saving Time

It's only early January, and already this 2022 thing is obviously not working out. With the "omicron variant" of COVID-19 upon us, politicians and public health authorities are already off on their next round of COVID-19 Hokey Pokey: You put your sch... Full story


The Gift of Family

In modern society, the institution of marriage has been and continues to be, under attack. What was once a sacred and holy joining of man and wife has become something people dabble in and abandon... Full story


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