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 By Gwen Cornwell    Opinion    June 2, 2021

Toddlers Once Dressed in Unisex Outfits

When I have had the opportunity to visit Western Drug these past few months, I have immediately noticed the lovely crocheted baby dresses on display. This always brings to mind the baby pictures of girl babies taken in the earlier years. Many of us... Full story


GHS Students Visit Successful Business & WSC

Glasgow & Culbertson JMG/YE students teamed up on May 12 to experience the larger "classroom of life." After both schools competed in The Prospects contest, sponsored by the Montana Chamber of...


Migrating Rattlesnakes

Dear Editor, I read with interest the 'Courier Memories' published in the May 12 edition of the paper. It was mentioned that in 1946, the War Department "solicited the help of South Dakota's St....


Opposition to 'Equality Act'

In this current administration, we see more and more far left bills being passed and being pushed through by the controlling party. No longer is God's Word influencing bills such as the Equality Act....

 By Chris McDaniel    Opinion    May 26, 2021

Publisher's Desk

So far, so good. After being in veritable lock down for about a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Western Washington, and witnessing the absolute unrest gripping our nation as racial tensions... Full story


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, On April 28th, the legislature passed in both houses a bill that includes 3000 guaranteed tags for outfitters. If this sounds familiar and surprises you, it should. This passed in spite... Full story


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, My name is Winie Schafer, I live in Wolf Point Mont., and I am a member of the Sioux tribe and a homecare worker. When people think of front-line healthcare workers they usually think... Full story


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, My name is Connie Sharp. I live in Glasgow MT and I am a caregiver. I've been doing home care work since 2013, but before that I worked as a CNA in nursing homes. All told I've been a... Full story


Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor, During the past year, federal employees nationwide and 12,898 active federal and U.S Postal workers of Montana have dedicated themselves to keeping our country running while weathering a... Full story


To Remember When

Dear Reader, Do you remember when we went to "old time" dances? As the dance ended, we always danced with the "one who brought us"- and the band played "Home Sweet Home." Such warm memories!... Full story


People of the Past

I hope to be back once more on a consistent schedule, good Lord willing.  I have been remembering Glasgow residents of the past that many of my era will recall.  My thoughts go to Ted Rainey,... Full story


Accessing the Hospital

Dear Editor, Isn't it surprising of all places that the hospital has NO handicap accessible curbs? Yes, you can get on their property if you use the driveways- go through the water puddles and hope... Full story

 By Alison Fox    Opinion    April 14, 2021

After HB 677, Let's Come to the Table Rather Than Resort to Government Intervention

The Montana State House Agriculture Committee last week voted unanimously to table HB 677, a bill that would have prohibited certain nonprofit organizations from buying agricultural land. This... Full story

 By Mike Lang    Opinion    April 14, 2021

Conservative Power and Priorities in Helena

For sixteen years, conservative policies have met their demise via Democrat governors' veto pens, blocking significant progress to move Montana forward. But now, Republicans in Helena are poised to... Full story


Thank You MDU

Dear Editor, I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep thanks and gratitude to Montana-Dakota Utilities for the quick response to our emergency in Hinsdale. On Friday March 19 at 5:30... Full story


Legislative Update from Speaker Pro Tempore Casey Knudsen

Last week, the House passed our main budget bill (House Bill 2) to fund state government for the next two years. It will now go to the Senate for further consideration. As it stands, it is one of the... Full story

 By JAMES HOWLAND    Opinion    April 7, 2021

Celebrate National Library Week

This week is National Library Week. First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and observed in libraries across the country each April. The t... Full story


For the Majority, Not the Wealthy Few

Dear Editor, The Gianforte Administration and the GOP majority in the legislature campaigned and were elected because they said they would bring jobs to Montana, support small businesses and improve... Full story

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    March 31, 2021

Targeted COVID Package Will Reopen Our Economy

One year into this pandemic, Montanans are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our vaccines are safe and effective, COVID cases are falling thanks to the tireless efforts of... Full story



The Valley County Conservation District has been trying to alert their constituents, and others, about how the federal government is succeeding in taking the vested water rights away from the Federal... Full story


A Clean Bill of Health for American Prairie Reserve's Bison, and A Fresh Start With Phillips County

This month, American Prairie Reserve shared with the Phillips County Conservation District that, as before, our bison herd has been given a clean bill of health. As Senior Bison Restoration Manager... Full story

 By Jon Tester    Opinion    March 24, 2021

Building KXL Will Bring Jobs and Opportunity to E. Montana

When I disagree with my party, I defend Montana and say so.  President Biden's decision to cancel the presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline was a mistake-one that I am fighting tooth and... Full story


Denying The Climate Crisis Will Only Make It Worse

Dear Editor, We all know what happens to the frog in a gradually warming pot of water. Too slow to react it eventually boils to death. Since the Industrial Revolution humans have been steadily... Full story


Helena Tries to Circumvent Public Input on Wildlife Mangement

Every two years, tens of thousands of Montana hunters gather in community centers, school cafeterias, and church basements to comment on proposed deer and elk hunting regulations.  It's Montana... Full story

 By TOM PUCHELRZ    Opinion    March 17, 2021

Public Shut Out Of Wildlife Decisions By Legislature And FWP

Montana hunters are being shut out of major decisions on future access to elk. The new approach in Helena, led by Speaker Wylie Galt and Fish, Wildlife and Parks Director Hank Worsech, is to spring... Full story


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