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  • 2015 Graduates Start A New Chapter

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    "We have a great town here, and you are a part of the story," Superintendent Bob Connors said at the 2015 graduation on Sunday, May 24. Parents, family and friends gathered to watch the class walk the aisle, and step into the next chapter in their lives. School Board Trustee Alison Molvig gave honors to teacher Hope Jones during the ceremony. Jones has served as a teacher for 25 years as a special education, social studies, reading, math and alternative school teacher. Molvig read a letter from...

  • What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    Memorial Day services were held all around the county this week. The ceremony in Glasgow that took place at the Glasgow Civic Center focused on the true meaning of Memorial Day. Master of Ceremony Joe Yeoman gave the address to the small crowd that gathered to honor the fallen. Yeoman started out explaining some history behind the holiday that began when a group of women decided a special day was needed to honor the fallen. But he posed a question to the crowd, "what does Memorial Day mean to...

  • Glasgow's Housing Crunch Continues

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    It's been months of meetings and gathering information, but earlier this month the committee set to look at possibly purchasing Valley Court, a low income housing building on the 1100 block of 2nd Ave. S. in Glasgow. The meetings began in January, with Mayor Becky Erickson looking into the building in October. The building has 12 apartments that hold low-income housing through the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). The current owner of the building is looking to sell out, or end his...

  • Teenager Survives Gunshot to Head

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    Tragedy struck about 13 miles north of Frazer on Lustre Road on Sunday, May 24. Roosevelt County received a 911 call around 6 a.m. from a 16-year-old girl who said she had been shot in the head and her father had shot himself. Raymond Rahn had been struggling as his wife battled cancer. Valley County Sheriff Glen Meier said that Roosevelt County contacted Valley County after sending officers to the location. The sheriff and two other deputies responded to the scene. The victim and Rahn were transported to Wolf Point for medical treatment. Rahn...

  • Police Find Drugs in Stolen Vehicle

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    According to the dispatch report and a press release from the Glasgow Police Department, dispatch received a call on Thursday, May 21 of a vehicle on the way towards Glasgow on Hwy. 2. The vehicle was observed heading west with three occupants, later identified as Joseph Michael Malinowski, Ciera Marie Carr and Sara Jane Dauphinais. The vehicle was stopped by law enforcement near Newton Motors and Shopko and a search was conducted by the Glasgow Police Department and the Montana Highway Patrol. During the search seven grams of crystal...

  • Catfish Classic Tournament Returns for 16th Year In Glasgow

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    Not only a local favorite fishing tournament, but Brenner Flaten, who has helped run and organize the event every year for 16 years, says it’s one of the top five fishing events in the nation. The tournament is so popular that Flaten said the tournament for this year was full 358 days before the tournament began. Coming to Glasgow for the weekend will be 80 two-person teams who will have eight hours to catch the biggest catfish they can grab in the local Milk River. The Milk River Catfish Classic is one of four circuit tournaments under the M...

  • FWP Seeking Public Comment on Changes in Fishing Regulation

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 27, 2015

    The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) have been making their rounds along the Hi-Line looking for public comment and questions on a few regulation changes. Comments need to be in by May 31. They made their stop in Glasgow last week and explained that there weren’t a lot of big changes in the works, and that has made for a fairly quiet public commenting period this year. Changes in our area, Region 6, include specifying more clearly the waters where use of live bait is allowed, prohibiting bow fishing for shortnose gar in the Fort Peck D...

  • The Dream Comes to Life, Honoring Our Vets

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 20, 2015

    Five years of hard work is finally bringing fruition to a dream. Construction is set to take place just after the Memorial Day holiday to officially break ground in Fort Peck. It's been a long road for the board and committee of the Northeast Montana Veterans Park, but after raising over $500,000 from businesses and individuals the first phase of construction will take place this summer, with the hopes of being completed by Veteran's Day this year. "While this first phase will not complete the...

  • Eastern State Drug Prosecution Program Comes to a Close

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 20, 2015

    As funding was cut, funding was not renewed for the drug prosecution program that helped 17 eastern counties in Montana. The program helped create forms, documentation and provided research for law enforcement and attorneys. Valley County Attorney Nick Murnion explained that the funding came from JAG (Justice Assistance Grant) and the trainings and resources that came from the two years the program ran have been invaluable. As the coordinator of the program, Diane Cochran, prepares to finish up the program, she’s providing trainings, a drug p...

  • 10 Years of Bonnie City Blues And Brews Gets a Little Blue Grass

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 20, 2015

    It's become a tradition that several locals look forward to each year to the Bonnie City Blues and Brews Festival put on by the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. This year more brews were available, over 40 different brews were on tap. Red Lodge, Meadow Lark, Uuber Brew, Madison River and more brewers had a tap with more than one brew to try. While the crowd enjoyed their brews, they also had unlimited grazing food provided by Food Services and Sysco. The Cottonwood Inn allowed them t... Full story


    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 20, 2015

    While Memorial Day has become a popular weekend to kick off the summer festivities, it's a day that we set aside to honor the fallen. Wreaths and flags are left at gravesites all across the country to show respect to the fallen soldiers. Be sure to take a few moments over the weekend to remember those lost during conflicts both past and present. Following is an honor roll of Valley County soldiers who died in action during U.S. wars. Most were from Glasgow, but other hometowns are listed next...

  • Remembering the Forgotten

    Bonnie Davidson, Bonnie & Box Of Chocolates|May 20, 2015

    Last year I wrote a little bit about remembering those who never made it home on Memorial Day. If you don’t realize the big difference between Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, talk to any service member that saw combat. Memorial Day we remember those who were lost, those who were killed in battle. Sometimes those who were lost in wars long before are forgotten. As relatives die off and decades pass by, sometimes graves are passed by, stories are lost. Sometimes families have moved on and don’t have the opportunity to visit those headstones. Just...

  • Jurisdiction Changes Affect Tribal Victims of Domestic Violence

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 13, 2015

    A change made on the Fort Peck Reservation will help enable tribal officers and county officers to be cross deputized in instances of domestic violence that are committed by non-Indians on the reservation. Prior to the changes, it was difficult for tribal law enforcement to investigate and prosecute domestic violence crimes by non-tribal citizens that lived or worked on the Fort Peck Reservation. Rene Martell, a tribal attorney on the reservation explained that the tribes started looking for solutions a few years back. They passed a domestic ab...

  • New Executive Takes the Chair at Mental Health

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 13, 2015

    Would you stop in for a routine check up for your mental health? Jim Novelli is a firm believer that mental health needs more attention and that Eastern Montana has many challenges because of it’s size and the diverse needs. Novelli is the new Chief Executive Officer for Eastern Montana Mental Health Community Center. He said that figuring out how to get the right services into the right places and how to maintain services, with finding potential to increase services in the areas it’s needed, will be a focus. He started working in February and...

  • Voters Favor School Levies

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 6, 2015

    Absentee ballots came in early on during this school election. Four districts in Valley County held open the polls on Tuesday, May 5 and the results are in from Frazer, Opheim, Hinsdale and Glasgow. GLASGOW Voters were able to voice their decision on the highly debated name of Irle Elementary School, or choose to give a more generalized name of Glasgow Elementary to the new building that will be completed by the beginning of the school year. Voters decided Irle Elementary would remain 759-441. Three school board trustees were up for election as... Full story

  • Students Gaining Real World Knowledge

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 6, 2015

    Highway Patrolman Mitchell Willett speaks to a group of students at the Glasgow High School Career Fair that took place on Wednesday, April 29. Students from Glasgow and Opheim, grades 7-12, were able to visit several different business and agency representatives on career ranging from law enforcement to medical. Most tables offered an activity for students to get some hands on experience. Prairie Ridge offered kids a chance to work on a few maintenence projects, while the highway patrol had a...

  • Bison Bill Gets The Boot, APR Requests Change In Grazing

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 6, 2015

    After a lot of work on a bill that passed both through the Montana Senate and House, Sen. John Brenden-R was disappointed yesterday as his bill SB 284 was vetoed. The bill would allow county commissioners to approve the relocation of wild bison and allow them to ask for conditions if they saw a need. The bill passed in the the house and senate by the end of March with some amendments. It went up for the vote again in April and passed both the house (59-40) and senate (32-18). The governor made...

  • Glasgow Fire Department Seeks Funding For New Truck

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 6, 2015

    A new roof, maybe a new truck and a round of new rumors. The Glasgow Fire Department (GFD) has been a part of city council discussion in the last few meetings. During the Monday, April 20 meeting several members from the fire department showed up to discuss issues that came up during a recent house fire. In the most Monday, May 6 meeting Glasgow Fire Department Chief Brandon Brunelle presented to the city council what the change in ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating might mean to the city...

  • Getting Your Brains Back

    Bonnie Davidson, Bonnie & Box Of Chocolates|May 6, 2015

    One of the best pieces of advice I've ever heard came from our very own Terry Trang from the Courier. "You don't have any brains," she said. We have discussed kids many times. I've truly enjoyed being a step mom to three wonderful kids, who of course know how to push things to the limits, but who also accepted me as one of the clan quite quickly. As we begin to face the pre-teen years, I've realized that I apparently know nothing. Adults just don't understand and of course my kids know how to do everything better. It makes me flash back to my...

  • Glasgow School Board Candidates Up For The Vote

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    Years ago the choice for your local school board trustees was a much more difficult decision, as sometimes dozens would run for a spot on the local board. Times have changed as work schedules have become more fast paced, as parents strive harder to keep their kids engaged in school and extra curricular activities. This year three volunteers have stepped forward to run for a position on the Glasgow School Board. Here’s your chance to meet the candidates, two incumbents and one newcomer. All candidates were asked the same three questions: Give u...

  • Battling Mental Illness One Song At A Time

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    It's like a secret you keep stashed away in a tiny box in the back of your closet. Maybe you've fought depression your whole life, maybe you fight anxiety or thoughts of suicide, but most of the time many people try to battle it alone. One Montana musician, who is originally from the Hi-Line, Plentywood to be exact, decided he wanted to do something about mental illness. He battled his own illness and thought that maybe he could do some good to speak out about his experience and let people know...

  • Agencies Work Together To Create Community Fire Truck

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    Last year The Courier reported on a truck donated from Hi-Line Ford by Norm Sillerud to be remodeled into a firetruck to be used in Valley County. That truck was completed and has just found a home in Opheim. Former Long Run Fire Department Chief Bob "Sparky" Hanson explained that the state helped pay for the equipment that now sits on the truck bed. Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) agreed to pay for all the equipment on back, valued between $110,000-140,000. The cost for...

  • Public Pre-K Problems

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    It was a very well thought out argument at the last Glasgow School Board Meeting on Thursday, April 16. Glasgow Head Start Coordinator Pam Ost spoke out to the trustees about thinking about saving a part of the old Irle School building, to be used as a place for Head Start and other pre-kindergarten programs that may one day become part of the district. Her proposal was to form a committee to report back to the board at the next meeting with recommendations on the two story structure, that would include the kitchen. She spoke to the school...

  • School Elections Across Valley County

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    Four out of the six school districts in Valley County will hold elections on Tuesday, May 5 this year. Absentee ballots have gone out already in each district, with only Nashua and Lustre canceling elections this year, several votes are already being counted, but just in case you haven’t cast your ballot yet, here’s what to expect in each district. GLASGOW The largest voting pool, the Glasgow ballot will have the most issues this year. With 1,726 absentee ballots sent out, the district has already seen 750 ballots return. Two trustee positions...

  • Delicate Issues Of Social Media Etiquette

    Bonnie Davidson, Bonnie & Box Of Chocolates|Apr 29, 2015

    Ever have that moment where you take a step back and think, I sure didn’t mean to offend, but somehow that came out wrong. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a million more sites are out there and used on a daily basis. We all have that account, it’s just how we use it that makes a difference. It seems small towns and close circles of friends can sometimes find themselves a little out of hand on the internet. Somehow you find yourself in an online battle that you didn’t mean to start. How do you get yourself out of it? Should you have not made...

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