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  • Golfers Tee Off On Home Turf At Glasgow Invitational

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 29, 2015

    In the first invitational of the season the Glasgow Scotties hosted. While the weather held out and minimum winds made it a good day to swing a club. "Normally in Glasgow there's either rain, wind or snow and we were lucky we didn't have any of it," Coach Dave Riggin said. The boys team was able to snag a second place overall for the team with a total score of 413, only losing to Malta, whose score came in at 368. Two players were returning varsity lettermen players. Riggin said that all the...

  • The British Were Coming!

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 22, 2015

    A couple of unusual visitors made their rounds around the area this weekend. They were fairly inconspicuous, but their accents were a dead giveaway to anyone who came across them. Michelle Crowther, a series producer from London, made a call a few weeks ago to see what interesting things might be around Glasgow and what kind of interesting characters might be lurking. Her mission was to scout out the trip that would be made across America on Amtrak by famous Scottish comedian Billy Connolly. The... Full story

  • Check It Out

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 22, 2015

    Giving a little bit that will go a long way has become an annual tradition for the Valley County Community Foundation (VCCF). Several community members gathered on Monday, April 20, at the Valley Event Center to be presented with a check to help out with community projects. Meggan Walstad opened up before presenting checks to representatives from different entities by explaining that an endowment was set up in 1999 with the hopes to help give to local organizations and support local projects...

  • Nashua School Board Faces Controversy

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 22, 2015

    For the small town of Nashua, quite a few (just over a dozen) showed up to the local school board meeting to not only voice their concerns, but to see if they could get an answer for a recent event that has left some parents feeling unsettled. Before the meeting got down to business, parents spoke up during the public comment segment. Bonnie Dunning Wooley brought up a letter from the school board about Individual Education Plan (IEP) not being completed in time. She said she also had concerns about the recent release of staff members (para...

  • Trees In Focus Here For Earth Day

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 22, 2015

    While Earth Day isn’t a widely celebrated day, there has been more focus on trees in the last few years in Valley County. This year on Earth Day the health department will have a community stroll – and there has been discussion about a possible community cleanup day in the future to celebrate the day and promote keeping the community clean. Free Trees Valley County has been continuing their free tree day each year for several years. Up to today they’ve distributed 10,000 trees, and an additional 2,000 trees will be distributed this year....

  • Eugene's: State's Best Pizza

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 15, 2015

    Unusual circumstances tied the day together. On the five-year anniversary of the passing of their father, Arlie Knodel – the Knodel family's Eugene's Pizza was named the best pizza in Montana and Arlie’s favorite basketball team, the Duke Blue Devils, took a championship. Eugene’s Pizza has been in business since 1962, with the Knodel family as owners since 1967, and a story of kids traveling hundreds miles for a slice isn’t completely uncommon. During March Madness, Montana Mint...

  • Worker Camps: Glasgow Takes Look

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 15, 2015

    First Of Two Parts A small group from Glasgow made the trip out to Williston last week to get an inside look at what the workforce camps might look like in Valley County if the TransCanada Keystone XL Pipeline ever gets approval. With the county commissioners and the county planning and zoning approving the two workforce camps that would be located between Nashua and Fort Peck and another just outside of Hinsdale some curious city and county employees and the chamber of commerce decided to take... Full story

  • Glasgow Duplex Fire Displaces Two Families

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 15, 2015

    Another structure fire left two families without a home on Saturday, April 11. The fire spread rapidly and Marisa Collins said that, luckily on her side of the duplex at 70 Heather Lane, everyone, including the family dog, made it out okay. Dispatch received the first call just before 3 p.m. It was a neighbor that called from a few houses down and couldn't place where the fire was exactly. Only that it was on Heather Lane. The Glasgow Fire Department was paged as a few other 911 calls came in...

  • Airport Responds To Fuel Leak

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 15, 2015

    Airport employees caught the sight of fuel on the blacktop located near the fuel pump at the Wokal Field Glasgow International Airport on Saturday, March 21. That sighting created quick action as the airport tore up the pavement and ground looking for a leak that turned out to be a very small leak. Airport Manager Lucas Locke said that it was a corroded pipe with a pinhole leak that surfaced through a small crack in the pavement. He said that the pipe that was placed in the ground in the 1980s might not have been sealed right. It corroded...

  • Event Center Honors Karen Breigenzer

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 8, 2015

    While it's a possible secret to some, it's not a secret to anyone who has been involved in the Valley Event Center. The center is run by volunteers, and has been for over a decade. Each year the Hi-Line Hockey Youth Board, which keeps the event center functioning, honors one of its volunteers for his or her service. The year the board members named Karen Breigenzer volunteer of the year. They personally invited her to the spring banquet, but Breigenzer said she had about three other things... Full story

  • Local Man Meets The Press

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 8, 2015

    A local man recently gained nationally attention, but not in a good way. Keith Morehouse, of Glasgow, suddenly hit newspapers last week as being charged with illegally killing a golden eagle. While the Helena Independent and the Billings Gazette printed details from the affidavit, they failed to mention that the incident actually occurred Feb. 23, 2013. Morehouse said that there was no intent to kill the eagle. The accident happened after a snare was missed after removing several others. Morehouse was trapping other critters in the area. The...

  • Health Dept. Gets Busy

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 8, 2015

    It’s going to be a month of activities and education for the Valley County Health Department. The department will be focusing on a few different issues, as this is Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness month and next week is National Public Health Week. The local health department staff is gearing up not only to educate the public on local issues, but they’re also finalizing details on their community stroll. The public will be invited to show up for the community stroll that is sponsored by the city of Glasgow and the health...

  • Four Artists Of The Month In April

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 8, 2015

    Another group of artists is showing off its talents in April at Wheatgrass Arts and Gallery. The artist reception coming up on Friday, April 10 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. will show four local artists, each with her own unique look. Janet Markle has a display of her whimsical sewing wonders. The dolls, quilts and other items have a lot of attention to small details. She'll be offering a class on how she makes her bookmarks at the art gallery coming up. Betty Stone has some pretty beautiful...

  • Outdoor Life Conducts Optical Testing Here

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 8, 2015

    Living in a community where everyone has some sort of outdoor interest, it's probably a safe bet that residents enjoy reading about hunting, fishing, camping and other topics of interest. Part of that reading may include some of the latest and greatest gear available to an avid outdoorsman. Glasgow got a visit from some of the staff of Outdoor Life magazine. While Editor Andrew McKean and his family live here year round, he brought a few others to our neck of the woods to work on their optics...

  • Glasgow Gets Educated About Human Trafficking

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    This is the second of two stories on human trafficking and survivor Windie Lazenko's visit to Glasgow, where she spoke during events with high school students and then adults. As the adults gathered later in the evening, she told some of the same stories. She explained that her experience catapulted her into a life of self destruction. Around 30 law enforcement, community members and concerned citizens came to learn about not only the dangers and risks that faced our youth, but how they could... Full story

  • A Walk Through History

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    "It's like turning the Bible into a color popup book," Rev. Frank Lenihan said. Lenihan is a regional representative for Bridges for Peace. It's an organization that has a mission to build bridges toward the Jewish community in Israel. They feed thousands of Israeli children, and also participate in several community service projects in Israel. Lenihan said that this most recent trip to Israel was per request of a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. The tour took place from Feb....

  • Paying Off In The City

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    For the past year more than one organization has been looking at making a downtown revitalization a reality. Several small projects and grants have helped the city of Glasgow work on gaining funding and planning to make the downtown look a little better and help to attract more business and tourism. One of these projects has been to get hanging flower baskets, trash cans and benches placed in the downtown area. The first grant to help make that project a reality came from the Theo Beck Foundation. That first grant covered the purchase of five...

  • Building Season: Bidding Begins

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    Building season has begun as warm weather has already moved in this early spring. The Valley County Commissioners approved advertising for bids and accepted a few bids in the last commissioner meeting open to the public on Wednesday, March 25. They approved accepting bids for a project on the Valley County Transit building parking lot. The project proposal will include replacing the concrete parking lot. Bidding is open to contractors with five years’ experience. Commissioners will accept bids until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 10. Bids will be...

  • Survey Shows Interest In Downtown

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    As a study continues on Glasgow’s downtown revitalization plan, the public has been able to give their input and observations. A survey that went out to residents in Glasgow and Valley County asked questions about how often downtown was used for entertainment, shopping and recreation. Land Solutions is working on the Downtown Master Plan and has been working with the city, Two Rivers Economic Growth, the Chamber of Commerce, TBID (Tourism Business Improvement District), CTAP and other organizations. Community Planner Matt Rohrbach of Land...

  • Words Of Warning

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 25, 2015

    First Of Two Parts Advocate, speaker and survivor of human trafficker Windie Lazenko made a stop in Glasgow last week. Her topic was a difficult one that doesn't normally draw large crowds, but awareness of a growing domestic problem is starting to spread nationwide. Being so close to the Bakken, the dangers of trafficking to local youth is something that is very real. As around 80 students gathered into the Glasgow High School library at the end of the day, a few snickers were heard from... Full story

  • Marcus Visits For FMDH Foundation

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 25, 2015

    There was a theme song that a small group of fans appreciated. The FMDH Foundation brought in the host of the popular PBS Montana "Backroads of Montana" program, William Marcus. And Marcus told the group that filled the Cottonwood for dinner on Friday, March 13, that this would be a big year. He announced that he would retire at the end of June this year, but he would continue to host "Backroads of Montana" after his retirement. Marcus added that it had been a long time since he had visited...

  • Fire Story

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 18, 2015

    The supposed day of unluck came and went and nothing extraordinary happened for a local family. Saturday, March 14, came and the family went on with their normal daily activities. Becky Holter was at home taking a nap on the couch, while the rest of her family, Curt, Mariah and Roland, were all out at different places. When Becky got up from the couch and headed to the kitchen she saw the smoke coming from the window. She said she quickly went to the door where the water heater was and opened... Full story

  • Norwegian Women's Rep Visits Glasgow

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 18, 2015

    While we're home of the Glasgow Scotties, you won't be finding a lot of Scots in the area. What you will find is plenty of Norwegian names and heritage in the area. Some families came to homestead, others found their way here with plenty of family ties close by. This week a Norwegian representative, family member and women's rights enthusiast made a stop in Glasgow. Gerd Louise Myhre Molvig came to visit family after a few weeks traveling other areas in the United States. She spent about a week...

  • World Wildlife Exhibit A Reality

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 18, 2015

    "We've served thousands of children, between 3,000 to 6,000 a year, from all over," said Stacey Fast, the director of the Northeastern Montana Children's Museum. After switching locations and struggling to come up with ideas, funding, volunteers and board members over a decade, the museum will be opening up for an open house and grand opening of the World Wildlife Exhibit that has taken Skip Erickson years to put together. With most of it finished but details still left to wrap up, the exhibit w...

  • Boards: Help Wanted

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Mar 18, 2015

    School boards in Valley County are preparing for school elections in early May this year. While all districts have at least one trustee position open, there haven’t been many signing up to serve on their local board. If you're looking for a way to participate in your local school district you'll need to sign up by Thursday, March 26. Frazer Frazer School District will hold the election May 5. Polls will be open from noon to 8 p.m. You can cast your ballots at the adult education building. The district has one trustee position open for a...

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