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What Do I Have To Do When I'm Approaching A School Bus?

The Glasgow Police Department and our community are always looking for ways to keep our children safe and make our local drivers aware of potential conflicts. The Glasgow Police Department has noticed some confusion from the general motoring public... Full story


When I Grow Up, I Want to Be?

A lot of children are asked "the question" throughout their adolescence 'What do you want do you want to be when you grow up?' A common response when I was going to school was firefighter, police...


Making a Formal Complaint Against an Officer

The Glasgow Police Department takes all staff complaints very seriously. The Glasgow Police Department handles officer complaints according to the national standard. Law enforcement officials are... Full story

 By Tyler Edwards    Opinion    July 28, 2021

Each Traffic Stop Could Be a Life or Death Scenario

It's 3 a.m. on an unusually dark night, when you receive an alert from dispatch. It's a description of a vehicle involved in a recent shooting close two towns away. You don't think much of it, but...

 By Tyler Edwards    Opinion    July 21, 2021

I'm Going to Make a Traffic Stop

Traffic stops on the surface seem very simple and straight forward. From the outside looking, in these stops may appear as if someone did something inherently wrong or malicious. In general, the...

 By Tyler Edwards    Opinion    July 14, 2021

Why are the Cops Following Me?

A very common complaint against patrol officers is that they followed a vehicle for an extended period of time for no apparent reason. Being in a small town; our officers are trained to have a great...

 By Tyler Edwards    Opinion    June 23, 2021

Police Chief's Desk

The Glasgow Police Department reminds our community about their local fireworks ordinance. This ordinance was created to allow the youth the opportunity to light minor fireworks off in the city... Full story


Police Chief's Desk

Editors Note: This is Part One of a multiple issue series. Read next week's edition to find out how a traffic stop looks through a police officer's eyes. For most people this could be their first...

 By Tyler Edwards    Opinion    June 9, 2021

Police Chief's Desk

The Glasgow Police Department relies on the community to be their eyes and ears on the streets. Officers can only be in one place at a time and they rely heavily upon the community for assistance....


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