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What Do I Have To Do When I'm Approaching A School Bus?

The Glasgow Police Department and our community are always looking for ways to keep our children safe and make our local drivers aware of potential conflicts. The Glasgow Police Department has noticed some confusion from the general motoring public on what to do when they approach a school bus that has red lights flashing and the stop sign out.

Is it alright to slow down and drive slow around the bus? Can I keep going because I’m in the other lane? I don’t see anyone do I need to stop? There is not a school around do I have to follow the sign? Where do I have to stop my vehicle?

Montana Law, MCA Section 61-8-351 refers to meeting or passing a school bus.

1. When a bus is stopped on the roadway to allow school children on or off with its flashers and stop sign out a driver must:

a. Stop 30 feet from the bus.

b. Not proceed past the bus until the stop sign is in and the lights have stopped.

c. Not overtake the bus on either side.

Note: If the bus’s stop sign and lights may come deployed, a driver cannot pass as the bus is slowing.

Note #2: A driver does not need to stop if the bus is on a different roadway then the roadway they are traveling, but by law, it is strongly suggested to watch for children near every bus.


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