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  • Where Are We Now?

    Becky Erickson and Rob Kompel, City of Glasgow|Nov 4, 2015

    Cherry Creek & Milk River Levee System is a vital piece of the city’s infrastructure system that is not only critical to the welfare and safety of our community but also bogged down in federal regulation. An array of complex issues and opinions as to the solutions necessary to keep the levee system in compliance and meeting the needs of the community keep the levee system at the forefront of the city’s attention. The southernmost portion of the city of Glasgow borders the Milk River and Cherry Creek waterways and the associated flood pla...

  • City-County News in Brief

    Patrick Burr, The Courier|Sep 23, 2015

    The Board of Valley County Commissioners approved the granting of $60,000 towards the repair of Skylark Road at its Sept. 16 meeting. The motion passed unanimously — though Committee Chairman Bruce Peterson expressed concern as to the source of the funding before casting his vote. “We should request a $5,000 loan from the golf committee,” he joked. “So long as you don’t schedule the repairs during the playoffs, that should be fine,” replied KLTZ’s Stan Ozark, grinning. In times of tightened purse strings, some find solace in keeping thing...

  • Glasgow's First Paint Run/Walk Makes its Mark

    Patrick Burr, The Courier|Aug 12, 2015

    One hundred fifty-five strong turned out for Glasgow's first annual Wounded Warrior Project Paint Run/Walk on Saturday morning. The event was sponsored by the Glasgow High School Student Council and the Glasgow Recreation Department. Event chairman Logan Gunderson stated that organizers had set a goal of raising $2000, a benchmark surpassed courtesy of Valley County's munificent residents and a handful of visitors. The route, a 2.5 mile loop which led walkers and runners on a winding path...

  • 2015 Paint Run/Walk Set for Aug. 8

    Rod Karst, For The Courier|Jul 22, 2015

    The 1st annual Paint/Run Walk will take place in Glasgow on Saturday, Aug. 8. The registration starts at 8 a.m. at the Glasgow Civic Center and the run/walk begins at 9 a.m. This is a 2.5-mile fun run/walk with proceeds to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. It is sponsored by the Glasgow High School Student Council and the Glasgow Recreation Department. The race begins in front of the Glasgow Civic Center and proceeds north for two blocks before turning left and heading west on 2nd Ave. South. At the edge of town, participants will turn left... Full story

  • Paying Off In The City

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Apr 1, 2015

    For the past year more than one organization has been looking at making a downtown revitalization a reality. Several small projects and grants have helped the city of Glasgow work on gaining funding and planning to make the downtown look a little better and help to attract more business and tourism. One of these projects has been to get hanging flower baskets, trash cans and benches placed in the downtown area. The first grant to help make that project a reality came from the Theo Beck Foundation. That first grant covered the purchase of five...

  • Glasgow Levee Panel Making Progress

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 21, 2015

    It's been a few years in the making, and it could be a few more years until a final plan is complete. The Glasgow Levee Committee has been working over the last year on creating a System-Wide Improvement Program (SWIF) policy that will help address several of the issues with the local levee. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has made a few visits to Glasgow to work with the committee and see in person the issues of encroachments along the levee line. A new chair for the committee was put into place recently, Tanja Fransen, who works for the...

  • 2014: The Year That Was In Local News

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 14, 2015

    July • While the flood of 2011 is still a topic of conversation, necessary repair work at Fort Peck Dam is ongoing. Even though several repair projects have been completed, the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers continues work on the Fort Peck spillway. Consequently the 2011 discharge caused a lot of erosion. The spillway ran for over four months. Downstream dams along the Missouri River are also undergoing flood repairs. The projects, costing around $45 million, are coming closer to completion. • Wh...

  • 2014: The Year That Was In Local News

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 7, 2015

    January • Has Glasgow really been sucked into some vortex that's dropped the temperatures below zero? The easy answer is no. Tanja Fransen, warning coordination meteorologist at National Weather Service Glasgow, explains that this is actually a low pressure system that came down from the North Pole and brought cold weather with it. The Arctic cold front pushed down farther south than usual, which brought colder than average temperatures to much of the nation. • Resigning one city council sea...

  • Progress On Water Treatment Plant

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Dec 17, 2014

    Glasgow may be a step ahead on improving infrastructure compared to other Eastern Montana communities that are in need to get ahead of the curve. The city finished up their wastewater treatment plant upgrades in 2013 and began to pursue upgrades to the water treatment plant in the last year. Those plans moved a step forward in funding. Jeremy Perlinski from Morrison-Maierle explained to the city council that the grant applications had been accepted. The $500,000 TSEP (Treasure State Endowment...

  • Voters Keep Sheriff Meier

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Nov 5, 2014

    As local voters headed to the polls this year there were some pretty important campaign races to decide on, as well as a few issues, such as continuing to allow late voter registration. Late voters are probably relieved about the decision made at the polls today, but several voters in Valley County voted ahead of time this year. County Clerk Lynn Nyquist sent out 2,300 absentee ballots this year and 2,130 ballots were returned by Election Day. The unofficial vote counts are in. The county... Full story

  • 3% Raises For City Workers

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Oct 29, 2014

    Negotiations were completed and Glasgow City council members have agreed to give both union and non-union employees a raise this year. Mayor Becky Erickson commented that there hasn't been a raise for employees in several years. The raise adds up to 50 cents an hour, and a $1.50 raise for employees who are on call. Health insurance payments will also increase. City officials did not take a raise this year. The resolution was passed Monday, Oct. 20. Glasgow Police Department employees also saw some changes during negotiations. They will also...

  • Partial Failure of Fort Peck Dam, Sept. 22, 1938

    Oct 22, 2014

    This photo shows the embankment of the Fort Peck Dam that failed and went back into the Missouri River on Sept. 22, 1938. Just over 76 years ago, the fast moving slide killed eight workers. A safety review board recommended construction to continue after they stopped it for a full year. The board directed a broader levee, more berm, additional steel sheet pile and reinforced concrete intake walls. Now there is a memorial that sits behind the towering structures you see in the photo. It lists... Full story

  • Something Stinks Near The Lagoon

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Sep 24, 2014

    Have you ever wondered where that water went after you flushed it? How about all the wastewater that comes from your sinks and showers? While to some it's a mystery they try their best to avoid, others understand the frustrations of home septic systems. So knowing what happens to some septic tanks after a flood can make some cringe. Floods can cause all kinds of contamination as not only septic systems can overflow, become damaged or lift from the ground. What might not be known to many is that...

  • City Council Pondering Just how To Cut Budget

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Sep 3, 2014

    The Glasgow City Council met for a special budget meeting in the last week to help wrap up their work sessions to finalize plans for the upcoming fiscal year. They looked at slashing the budget in several different departments. While some extras remained on the budget, like updating the phone system the city currently uses, others were cut, like travel and training that maybe hadn't been used in years prior. The city also had to look at adding more than $70,000 to the budget for repairs to bring the levee up to standards. A lot of the...

  • News You Can Use: Mayor's Letter On The Levee

    Becky Erickson, Glasgow Mayor|Jul 23, 2014

    An open letter to city of Glasgow residents from the desk of Mayor Becky Erickson. In 1938, the Glasgow levee was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Once completed, the levee was given to the city of Glasgow, which took over ownership, or “public sponsor” of the system for operations and maintenance. The levee is 12,040 feet in length, or 2.28 miles, stretching from near the Valley County Museum at Hwy. 2 southward around the south side of town, and northeastward behind the hospital to meet at the Fort Peck Highway. The pur... Full story

  • Levee Planning Effort Gets More Time

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jul 16, 2014

    While work continued on the Glasgow Milk River and Cherry Creek System Wide Infrastructure Framework (SWIF) Plan, revisions from the Army Corps of Engineers were returned to the levee safety committee. The good news that came with it was an extension on the SWIF plan for an additional year to fix the revisions and work on budgeting and funding for repairs and upgrades. At the most recent Glasgow City Council meeting, Mayor Becky Erickson said that they are working on research for possible grant funds to help with the multimillion dollar...

  • Daines Talks Glasgow

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 21, 2014

    While Congressman Steve Daines stopped in several towns in Northeastern Montana to focus on economics and energy, he focused half of his visit to Glasgow on issues with the city's levee issue. He arrived for an hour in Glasgow on Friday, May 16 around 2 p.m. Glasgow Mayor Becky Erickson opened up the meeting expressing her wish to voice her concerns on the levee issue over energy and economics. “My time here is to hear your concerns,” Daines said at the meeting. “This is your time, not my time.” Committee members from the levee committ...

  • City Council Approves Levee Draft Plan

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|May 7, 2014

    Flooding is a concern in the Glasgow area, a concern that has become a reality a number of times over the last century. Only a few years ago, in 2011, a large flood threatened and damaged the area. The disaster caused millions of dollars of damage. The Army Corps of Engineers gave the city of Glasgow two years to complete a plan to fix several issues with the Milk River and Cherry Creek levee that was rated as unacceptable. Glasgow formed a Levee Safety Committee in order to meet the deadline...

  • Yesterday's Courier Memory: The 1939 Milk River Flood

    Mar 19, 2014

    This upcoming weekend marks the start of the 75th anniversary of the 1939 Milk River Flood. Until the 1952 flood, it was the most devastating on record for the Milk River valley. The flood started with the snow melt in the smaller tributaries. Some of the worst flooding occurred with the smaller streams. Wagner, west of Malta, had evacuations. The high waters caused a bridge to collapse eight miles south of Malta. Bridge damage in the Hinsdale area closed off the highway. Portions of Hwy. 2... Full story

  • Moving Levee A Possibility

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 29, 2014

    With the deadline for levee plans looming in the next five months, the Glasgow levee committee that was set up in December has been working to take action and set plans in order to prevent consequences. The city must have plans to take care of several deficiencies by July to bring it up to Army Corps of Engineers standards. Keeping those standards means being able to accept funds from FEMA to rebuild infrastructures and damage caused by a sever flood. If the list of items isn't taken care of it... Full story

  • Erickson Takes The Mayor's Seat

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 15, 2014

    Resigning one seat to take the mayor seat in Glasgow came with a quick raise of the hand and the swearing of an oath. Becky Erickson has now officially taken the title of mayor for the New Year. The regular city council meeting that took place on Monday, Jan. 6, was packed full of friends and family ready to witness the new positions filled. Erickson began the meeting by resigning her seat on city council and immediately took the oath of office. Erickson then administered the oath of office to... Full story

  • Judges, Mayors, Champions

    Bonnie Davidson and Quinn Robinson, The Courier|Jan 15, 2014

    July • The airline that provides Essential Air Service to Glasgow and other small cities in Montana has decided to leave the state. Silver Airways notified the U.S. Department of Transportation that it will not bid for another two-year contract and will stop flying scheduled service in Montana on Sept. 27. Part of the reason for Silver's departure is the upcoming termination of EAS subsidies to Lewistown and Miles City on July 15, leaving only five cities in the program: Glasgow, Wolf Point, G...

  • Dan Carney Moves On

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Jan 1, 2014

    As the New Year takes shape, a new mayor for Glasgow will take her seat. Becky Erickson will be taking the place of Dan Carney. Carney might be stepping down from city council and from the mayor seat, but he still intends to keep some irons in the fire. Carney started in the city council in 1984. Nearly 30 years of experience started out after interest in the water situation in Glasgow grew. He applied for a vacant seat and didn't get it. So he ran for city council and found his way in on the... Full story

  • Committee Appointments Made

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Dec 11, 2013

    Appointments for the Glasgow Levee Safety Committee were finalized at the last city council meeting, and in the same week a local Glasgow rancher was reappointed to the state Private Land Public Wildlife Advisory Council (PLPWAC). Gov. Steve Bullock announced that Jack Billingsley would be appointed to the PLPWAC. His qualifications listed being that he’s a rancher in Valley County. Billingsley confirmed the appointment and said that the committee is looking at some possible changes. They will be addressing what the current goals will be and wh...

  • City Faces Crunch Time For Levee

    Bonnie Davidson, The Courier|Nov 27, 2013

    One of the hottest topics at the Glasgow City Council meeting had council members and the mayor trying to figure out how to handle higher waters. With flood being a common problem in the Glasgow area, the city council tried to discuss taking action at the meeting on Monday, Nov. 18. A letter of intent that was signed in July 2012 gave the city two years to complete a list of items to keep the levee in conditions that met the Army Corp of Engineers standards. Keeping those standards means being able to accept funds from FEMA to rebuild...

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