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  • Coloring Outside the Lines for a Good Cause

    Parker Kulczyk, Courier|Aug 17, 2016

    With last year's Paint Run/Walk being such a hit, Glasgow High School student council and G-club have decided they will continue it as an annual tradition. The 2nd Annual Paint Run/Walk will be on Aug. 20 at 9 a.m. Early registration will start at 8 a.m. and the run/walk will start at the Glasgow Civic Center. This year's proceeds will go to Warriors on the Water, an organization based in Miles City that takes combat veterans with PTSD out on fishing trips to Hell Creek. John Morford, director... Full story

  • Glasgow Woman Faces Drug Charges

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Aug 3, 2016

    Valley County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest July 27 in a drug investigation. Andrea Gardner, 52, was arrested at her Glasgow home on four counts of criminal distribution of dangerous drugs (prescription drugs). She has since been released on bond. The investigation is being continued with the joint effort that led to the arrest; DEA, Tri-Agency Drug Task Force, Valley County Sheriff, as well as the Valley County attorney’s office. However, as of Aug. 2, there are no new charges.... Full story

  • Glasgow's City Pool is Drowning

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|Aug 3, 2016

    The city pool in Glasgow was built where it stands, or slouches now, 43 years ago. It was opened in June of 1974. It was expected to last around 10 years. Like many other things in Glasgow, it has long outlasted its expiration date. It is now in dilapidated, unsafe condition, and is something that the city of Glasgow as a whole and its residents should be embarrassed about. Why haven’t we built a new pool? Why are we putting pool-goers at risk of injury? What is the solution? Glasgow’s pool is the home to many different activities, even in its...

  • Why America Needs a Constitutional Convention

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|Jul 20, 2016

    America is having a rough summer. However, at the end of the day, I know that being an American citizen and living in a country this great is a blessing. That is why I think we need to adapt the US Constitution to fit our modern needs yet preserve what makes this country great. Politicians and regular citizens alike continue the discussion of issues such as abortion, gun control, gender and sexual orientation equality, police brutality and recreational marijuana usage. The list could go on and on (and on). The problem is, our constitution is... Full story

  • Jensen Appointed New County Attorney

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jul 13, 2016

    After longtime Valley County Attorney Nick Murnion left his position to become Montana's 16th Judicial District Judge, the position has now been filled. Dylan Jensen, deputy attorney for Valley County, was appointed with a 3-0 vote by the county commissioners. Casey Moore, a public defender for Montana, was the other applicant interviewed. Jensen is a graduate of Hinsdale High School and University of Montana's Alexander Blewett III School of Law....

  • Strand Appears in Court, Sentenced to 90 Days

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jun 22, 2016

    Parker Kulczyk The Courier In Valley County District Court on June 20, 2016, former Fort Peck Fine Arts Council Executive Director Mary Strand was sentenced on five felony counts of theft by embezzlement and money laundering. In attendance included many members of the council, as well as four witnesses of the prosecution. Montana Probation and Parole Officer Pam Heikens was first of four witnesses called to the stand. State of Montana Prosecutor Dylan Jensen asked if she had reviewed the plea agreement that was signed by the defendant, which sh... Full story

  • Valley County Primary Roundup

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jun 15, 2016

    Montana’s election primary was held last week on June 7. For the Democrats, Valley County voted 344-337 for Hillary Clinton, while Bernie Sanders won at the state level. On the Republican side of things, Donald J. Trump took landslide victories at the county and state levels, with 496 county residents opting either for one of Trump’s opponents or “no preference.” For Montana governor, incumbent Steve Bullock took the Democratic nomination while Montana entrepreneur and political newcomer Greg Gianforte took the Republican vote. Republi...

  • Miss Montana: Competition of Character and Uniqueness

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jun 15, 2016

    This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Miss Montana Pageant in Glendive. Before going, I thought it would merely be formal event with contestants having little ability to express themselves. I found out otherwise. The 11 contestants all brought something different and unique to the pageant, which made it entertaining to attend. Naturally, I came to show my own personal support for Abbi Helland, of Glasgow. Not only was I covering the event, she is also a friend. Each contestant... Full story

  • Fiber in Glasgow

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|Jun 8, 2016

    Most people don’t like slow internet. But I, a gamer in NE Montana (the middle of nowhere), have nightmares about slow internet. Now, people with actual work to do must feel some anger when they are inhibited or slowed by their internet speeds. At least, I would imagine so. The point is, the city of Glasgow needs fiber optic cable. I have seen a few posts on Facebook from Glasgow residents, who are not really sure what the problem is or what to do to fix the issue. All they know is that they have slow internet and they hate it. DSL, which I a...

  • George Bros. Go Back-to-Back

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jun 8, 2016

    If "Northeast Montana loves fishing" isn't one of the truest statements ever made, I don't know what is. The 17th Annual Catfish Classic hosted 80 teams of two for this year's tournament. Most of the teams consisted of area and Montana residents, with some coming to fish from as far away as Indiana. The teams converged on the Milk River for some fishin' in the dark on Saturday, June 5. After the midnight weigh-ins were all said and done, Glasgow natives Tyler and Ryan George claimed... Full story

  • Election Information

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Jun 1, 2016

    Montana’s primary election is set for Tuesday June 7, and Valley County voters have a lot of opportunity to do their civic duty and make their voices heard. Polling places will be open for voters as follows: Precinct 1, Fort Peck (Fort Peck Recreation Hall): 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Precinct 2, Frazer (Frazer New Community Hall): 12-8 p.m. Precinct 3, Hinsdale (Hinsdale Legion Hall): 12-8 p.m. Precinct 4, Glasgow (Glasgow Civic Center): 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Precinct 5, NE Glasgow (Glasgow Civic Center): 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Precinct 6, Nashua (Nashua Senior Citizen C... Full story

  • GPD Reminder To Pet Owners

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 18, 2016

    Glasgow Police Department has had recent complaints of dogs chasing runners, walkers or other pedestrians. The department would like the community to contact them with the address and description of the dog if there is a problem. GPD would also like to remind dog owners to follow leash laws and keep their dogs tied up outside if they are vicious and/or aggressive around people or other dogs. The department does not want to impose repercussions or fines, but will do so if offenses keep occurring. Multiple offenses can lead to permanent removal... Full story

  • Pacific Steel to Close its Doors

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 11, 2016

    After over a half a century of serving Glasgow and the surrounding area, the Glasgow branch of Pacific Steel and Recycling will be closing down. The location will continue to accept scrap metal up to May 13, and other business until May 27, with plans of being completely closed June 1. With locations in Havre and Williston, Pacific Steel will continue to serve the area, coming to Glasgow once a week with a delivery truck, with also the possibility of recycling bins in the area. Patrick Kons,...

  • Update From Glasgow Police Department

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 11, 2016

    After the recent influx of rain and warmer weather, Glasgow Police Department would like to remind everyone to make sure their yards and lots are well kept. City code for “nuisance weeds” calls for any weeds, grass or other vegetation be under eight inches in height. Failure to comply within a reasonable time will result in a notice of violation. You are given a seven-day period to cut and remove the nuisance. If you fail to do so, the city will cut and remove with a charge and administrative fee added to your taxes, as well as a penalty. Sub... Full story

  • Finding Your Floral Fix

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 11, 2016

    he saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," but what do April and May showers bring? I would say they probably bring even more flowers. The Glasgow location is equipped with a double-wide greenhouse on Hwy 2 right in the heart of town across from Albertsons. Patty's also has two other locations in Havre and Malta. If you are looking for more than verdure to spice up your garden, the ladies at Patty's can also outfit you with various-sized planters, bird houses or other garden ornaments,... Full story

  • Montana Voter Information

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 4, 2016

    Montana’s Democratic and Republican Primary Elections will be held June 7, and if you wish to vote, you must be registered. Regular registration will end May 9 at 5 p.m., with late registration beginning May 10. If you are looking to register, there are many ways to do so: Visit the County Election Office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and fill out a voter registration application, fill out a registration form when applying for or renewing your Montana Drivers License, or go to (and for more information) to d... Full story

  • On Your Mark, Get Set, Grow!

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 4, 2016

    As summer approaches, the air gets warmer, the birds start chirping, the boats come out of storage, and the shorts come out of the closet. The same applies to the local greenhouses and their wide array of flora, pots and potting soil. Jolene Reyes, owner of Jo’s Greenhouse in Glasgow, said she started growing things for herself, and it “sprouted” from there. She is set up on Highway 2 next to the VFW, her bright pink and white-striped tent is hard to miss if you are looking for it. This will be her seventh year with a greenhouse, and fourt...

  • Valley County Free Tree Day

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|May 4, 2016

    Valley County will be having their 9th annual Free Tree Day on Thursday, May 5. They will be giving out trees starting at 7:30 a.m. on the east side of the Glasgow Courthouse until they are gone. There will be lilacs, caragana, chokecherry, American plum, and Black Hills spruce. The project has given out 12,000 trees to date, which are all sponsored by local businesses and community members.... Full story

  • Grumbling About Millennials

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|May 4, 2016

    Almost every day, I see a post on Facebook of someone complaining that millennials are over-privileged and want to succeed but they don’t want to work hard for it. It is one of the most ironic things. You see all of these posts, and realize all of these people are using a social media site created by a millennial, Mark Zuckerburg. You will hear people talking about how the music of today’s generation is bad, yet the music industry of today is the most diverse it has ever been. I’m sorry you didn’t get the chance to grow up on hip-hop, rap or... Full story

  • Ghost-Out: An Eye Opener

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Apr 27, 2016

    Most young people think they are invincible, they can't be scathed, their actions won't hurt anyone. The "ghost-out" held at the Glasgow High School, April 20 was meant to change these perceptions of the local high schoolers. As many drove into school that day, they saw an overturned car, with first responders on the scene. The local emergency departments received this as a real dispatch call. Fortunately, it was a mock accident, but many students were unaware at first. This was the first...

  • Kings of Kitsch

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Apr 13, 2016

    Most young people in small towns like Glasgow will tell you: There isn't much to do. So people like Cody King, his friends, and many others make their own fun tinkering with cars. Sometimes, the outcome can be different than you might have imagined starting out. Cody's 1976 Ford LTD is not really a car anymore, but kind of a work of art. Its back end and trunk have been replaced with a custom flatbed (with plans for a built-in cooler), some recycled black rims, a custom sound system and a big... Full story

  • Why Young People Shouldn't Be Clamoring For Free Tuition

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|Apr 13, 2016

    Let's say Bernie Sanders gets elected. He completes his free college plan. Everyone gets their degrees. What happens next? The same thing that has been happening for years. Young people graduate from college and they don’t find a good job. Or they go and find a job that they could have gotten four, five, six years earlier without their degree. In the 2010 US Census, only 62 percent of people with degrees had a job that required one, and 27 percent of people had jobs associated with their degree’s major. Now imagine if everyone could go to col...

  • Investigation Continues, Leads to Further Arrest

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Apr 6, 2016

    Valley County Sheriff’s office, during their continued drug investigation, has arrested yet another on meth charges. Rodney Carlton Harrell was arrested on criminal possession of dangerous drugs - methamphetamine - on April 1. KLTZ reported that Harrell has multiple drug offenses, as well as multi-state convictions, and a burglary charge in Valley County. Harrell joins Joseph Jones, Jessica Taylor and Patricia Doney, who were arrested on drug charges last week.... Full story

  • Why Trump is Successful

    Parker Kulczyk, Juvenescent Jots|Apr 6, 2016

    Republicans hate Trump. Democrats hate Trump. Social media hates Trump. The media pretends to hate Trump. Everyone hates Trump. Trump Trump Trump. Or do they? In Trump’s case, the phrase “any press is good press” is becoming the most accurate statement ever made. Donald Trump could say that he wants to build a wall and make Canada pay for it and people would go crazy, both for and against. But it’s not about his politics. It never was. Because Donald Trump isn’t a politician. He is a rich guy. He doesn’t think like a politician, and does he... Full story

  • Bike Peddler

    Parker Kulczyk, The Courier|Mar 30, 2016

    Ron Guttenberg is 82 years old, but he is one of the busiest and most active 82 year-olds I have met. Guttenberg has been fixing bicycles since his children had their first two-wheelers. His first project for someone other than his own kids, was for a neighbor girl whom he found crying on his front porch because her bike was broken. Since then, Guttenberg has developed a knack for restoring bicycles to "just like new." After retiring from State Farm Insurance over a decade ago, Guttenberg and...

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