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By Parker Kulczyk
The Courier 

Kings of Kitsch


James Walling / The Courier

Best friends Cody King and Kevin Schindler pose next to Cody's van with "Frank" in the background.

Most young people in small towns like Glasgow will tell you: There isn't much to do. So people like Cody King, his friends, and many others make their own fun tinkering with cars. Sometimes, the outcome can be different than you might have imagined starting out. Cody's 1976 Ford LTD is not really a car anymore, but kind of a work of art. Its back end and trunk have been replaced with a custom flatbed (with plans for a built-in cooler), some recycled black rims, a custom sound system and a big red "F" on the hood (which stands for the cars name: Frank). It may not be a brand new Mercedes, but it has much more character (and probably plenty of memories as well).

Now Cody and his friends have moved onto a new project: His dad's 1975 Chevy. Casey King drove the van while he was in high school, but it ended up in a junkyard. Fast forward to the present: Cody and his friends, along with help from his dad, have been restoring the van to its former glory. With shag carpet, bright yellow paint, tinted windows and plenty of seating, this is one project sure to take you back to the 70s, whether you want to go or not.


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