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Hi-Line Sportsmen Offers Mini-Grants

If you have an idea to improve hunting, fishing, access, or shooting sports in northeast Montana, Hi-Line Sportsmen wants to help fund it.

The Hi-Line Sportsmen conservation club is soliciting applications for its mini-grants program.

The grants, in amounts up to $1,000 each, are intended to help improve outdoor recreational opportunities in the area. Examples of projects that are likely to be received favorably include those that expand public hunting and fishing access, promote recreational shooting and outdoor recreation of all types, enhance wildlife and fisheries habitat, and contribute to youth outdoor education.

Members of the club are veterans of species-specific conservation groups, but the Hi-Line Sportsmen does not focus its funding or conservation work on any specific wildlife species or recreational opportunity.

“Our tag line is ‘Keeping Conservation Local,’ and our grants confirm that our only focus is northeastern Montana,” said Hi-Line Sportsmen President Jennifer Jackson. “Any individual or organization from the region is encouraged to apply for our grants. Giving back to the community in a meaningful way is precisely why we started the group.”

A review board will prioritize funding requests based on a number of criteria including: the amount of benefit to local hunters, anglers, shooters, and outdoor recreationists; whether the request improves public or private land; whether it’s a one-time funding request or a multiple-year project; and whether the project promotes outdoor education.

To request a mini-grant application, call or email Jennifer Jackson at 263-7339 or [email protected] or Andrew McKean at 263-5442 or [email protected]. Deadline to be considered for this year’s funding cycle is Oct. 1, 2017, but grants will be considered as they are submitted.


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