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County Brief


A lot of road construction projects across the county are now one step closer to being accomplished after this week’s discussion and decision meeting at the Valley County Commissioners' office. The first project that the commissioners gave the go-ahead on was a bridge over Beaver Creek on Milk River Road, located just west of Hinsdale. After consulting with Great West Engineering Firm, whom designed the plan, the commissioners approved the bid of $717,131.25 made by Tamietti Construction. The county will perform the dirt and road work as well as realign the road for the project.

The overpass project in Nashua also had to be okayed by the commissioners as well as the current plan calling for a small chunk of Egosque Road to be moved and reworked. The road will remain a county road after it has been re-routed. The project will connect Highway 177 with US Highway 2, just outside of Nashua and will alleviate delays associated with train crossings. The project has been moved up by the Department of Transportation due to other projects being dropped. No announcement has been made for when the project will begin.

In other Nashua road construction news, the maintenance on the bridge over the Milk River south of town on Highway 117 has been postponed and will not begin until the middle of June. During the maintenance one lane will remain open for traffic. The bridge will not be passable for heavy machinery and oversized loads while work is being done.

In preparation for the Fourth of July celebration, Dillion Koski is applying for the license necessary to set off and store fireworks. The commissioners composed a letter to send to the licensing board confirming their interest in having him perform the duties related to the fireworks show and its preparation. The Valley County Commissioners anticipate that Koski will be approved.


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