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By A.J. Etherington
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Rodeo Double Header Kicks Off Fair Shows


The Northeast Montana Fair kicked off its evening shows with back-to-back nights of the PRCA Rodeo. Wednesday, July 27, saw the opening rounds with the finals taking place on Thursday night. Both evenings were well attended with crowds estimated at 700 to 800 attendees, according to Doris Ozark of the Northeast Montana Rodeo Committee. The rodeo drew over 248 competitors in all, with a large increase in the bareback bronco competition according to Ozark. Also competing were Barrel Racing’s stars Lisa Lockhart and Mary Walker of the National Finals Rodeo Circuit, which Ozark touted as a success of this year’s competition.

Despite the number and status of competitors, Ozark commented that some of the participants left following Wednesday night’s competition due to poor timed performances. Ozark claimed they left to attend other rodeos occurring in the region and state at the same time as the Northeast Montana Fair Rodeo. She lamented the scheduling conflicts saying that, “being on top of all the other rodeos didn’t go so well,” but she added she was happy with the rodeos two and a half hour finals show on Thursday night.

According to Ozark, another success of this year’s rodeo was the addition of the wild pony race, which featured young rodeo stars attempting to ride unbroken colts similar to the wild horse race. Ozark commented saying, “the wild pony race was new; people really liked that.”

The final results for the rodeo are as follows:

All-around cowboy went to Nolan Conway, who earned $2,244 for performances in tie-down roping, steer wrestling and team roping.

Bareback riding’s first place went to Jordan Pelton at 79.5 points, earning $1,383; second went to Blake Smith at 77, earning $1,048; third place went to Troy Vaira at 75.5, earning $755; and fourth resulted in a tie between Mike Fred, Blade Elliott, Tucker Zingg and Clint Griffis at 73, earning $252 each.

Steer wrestling’s first round first place went to Parker Bigness at 3.8 seconds, who earned $876; second went to Nolan Conway at 3.9, earning $657; third ended in a tie between Jabe Anderson III and Kyle Callaway at 4.0 seconds, earning $328 each.

The second round’s first place went to Jordan Holland at 4.7 seconds, earning $876; second was Kyle Callaway at 4.8, earning $657; third was Nolan Conway at 4.9, earning $438; and fourth was Luke Gee at 5.0, earning $219.

The total averages resulted in a tie for first between Nolan Conway and Kyle Callaway at 8.8 seconds, earning $1,149 each; third was Jordan Holland at 9.4, earning $657; and fourth was Will Stovall at 11.2, earning $328.

In team roping, first-round first place went to Steele De Paoli/Kasper Roy at 4.9 seconds, earning $1,047 each; second was Delon Parker/Ryan Lurcher at 5.1, earning $786; third were Tanner Patzke/Sid Sporer at 5.2, earning $524; and fourth were Gene Harry/Clint Harry at 5.3, earning $262.

Second round were, first, Wyatt Bice/Derick Fleming at 4.8 seconds, earning $1,047 each; second, Gene Harry/Clint Harry at 6.0, earning $786; third were Shayne Bishop/Jimmy Cole at 8.1, earning $524; and fourth, Delon Parker/Ryan Lurcher at 11.0, earning $262.

In the total averages, first were Gene Harry/Clint Harry at 11.3 seconds, earning $1,571 each; second resulted in a tie between Delon Parker/Ryan Zurcher and Wyatt Bice/Derick Fleming at 16.1 seconds, earning $982 each; and fourth were Shayne Bishop/Jimmy Cole at 19.5, earning $393.

Saddle bronc riding resulted in first for Tyrell J Smith with 78 points earning $1,570; second was Travis Nelson with 77.5, earning $1,189; third was Dalton Rixen at 75.5, earning $856; fourth was Ty Manke at 75, earning $571; fifth was Doug Fitzgerald at 72.5, earning $333; and sixth was Cole Elshere at 71, earning $238.

Tie-down roping’s first round went: first to Treston Vermandel with 9.7 seconds, earning $827; second went to Jerrad Hofstetter with 9.9, earning $620; third went to J.C. Crowley at 11.1, earning $414; and fourth went to Hank Hollenbeck at 11.4, earning $207.

Second round’s first went to Jade Lyon at 9.6 seconds, earning $827; second went to Jade Gardner at 10.3, earning $620; third went to Dennis Luetge at 10.4, earning $414; and fourth went to George Marcenko at 10.5, earning $207.

In the overall average, first went to Jerrad Hofstetter at 21.3, earning $1,241; second went to Dennis Luetge at 21.9, earning $931; third went to Hank Hollenbeck at 22.3, earning $620; and fourth went to Treston Vermandel with 25.4, earning $310.

Barrel racing rankings and payouts are:

1. Hallie Fulton, 17.82 seconds $1,672

2. Mary Walker, 17.86, $1,433

3. Latisha Larsen, 17.98, $1,194

4. Kaylee Gallino, 18.03, $1,035

5. Lindsay Kruse, 18.08, $796

6. Lisa Lockhart, 18.12, $637

7. (tie) Samantha Jorgenson and Heather Knerr, 18.15, $398 each

8. Britany Diaz, 18.19, $239

9. (tie) Ashley Sudan and Kathryn Wootan, 18.21, $80 each.

Bull riding resulted in a single qualifying run with first going to Cole Wagner with 57 points on Brookman-Hyland Rodeo‘s No. 3, earning $1,867.


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