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By Virgil Vaupel
Thanks For Listening 

Ain't No Such Thing As Just A Few


Don’t pay the ransom! Through nearly inhuman cunning and deceitful deception, I have eluded my captors and have returned to my disheveled home intact. There were jars scattered around the county with “Help Save Virgil” labels printed on them. Some, about 70 percent to 15 percent my way, read “Please keep Virgil.” But they were mostly set up by my own relatives and some disgruntled cribbage opponents.

Anyway, here’s a thought.

Think about it for just a minute and most of the “thinking” people who peruse Thanks For Listening will tell you there ain’t no such thing as a FEW. The Few turn into the Many and the Many become the Overwhelming in a very short span of history. Lookie what’s happened with “just a few” wolves.

Seems Mary Poole, (Divided America, Billings Gazette, June 10, 2016) and members of her book club think the city of Missoula is “primed and ready to roll out the welcome mat” to a few Syrian refugees.

Imagine that ... a college town full of idealistic, freshmen millennials ready to join hands with the Rainbow Coalition, the ACLU and Save the Whales to try to change the world a few at a time. The only place I know where a “few” has worked is the US Marines needing a “Few Good Men.” (I’m actually surprised the women’s movement hasn’t jumped all over that “sexist” slogan, but don’t get me started on that.)

The one really scary thing Mary Poole said went exactly like this, speaking of her 17-month-old son: “There will come a day when he will be able to sit in a class next to someone of a different color, of a different race, of a different language, of a different culture – and be able to learn that he lives in a global world. I don’t think we can be insulated anymore.” Well, Mrs. Poole, just take him to New York or California or New Mexico or Arizona or Washington, D.C., where he can experience your “global world” right now.

Lady, when that happens across America, we can forget our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights and succumb to Sharia Law.

What is it about some people, who actually have children of their own, that seem as if they don’t have the foggiest clue about procreation. Get it?

Man + woman + wine + candlelight + soft music + Viagra = child. The Muslim world is producing more children than the rest of the world by a margin of nearly five to one-and-a-half. Not very good odds for the good guys.

The refugees we are allowing into this country quasi-legally and the ones who are here illegally are out-producing Americans five to two. How long will it take for white America to be bred out? Some estimates say that around the turn of the next century the United States will be under Muslim rule.

I see where Sweden and Norway have taken the bit in their teeth and are expelling Muslims. Europe is having a deuce-of-a-time with the influx of refugees. Why can’t the US take a lesson from them. Shut the doors. We do not NEED the refugees. We cannot afford the refugees. We don’t have jobs for the refugees.

The solution, as I see it, is this. For folks like Mrs Poole et alia, (I just made that up, I think) send a large portion of your income to the Syrian government earmarked for those who want to leave. Then, make them stay and use the money to drill water wells for agriculture use, sell them our used tractors and other farm equipment, teach them job skills, build them some schools, hospitals, fire stations and the occasional beauty salon. It would be cheaper for us to give them the money to become self-sufficient than for them to come here, take American jobs, eat American-grown food, abuse the American welfare system and help dwindlize America’s dwindlizing water supplies. (Americans use up to 40 gallons per day per capita.)

The mayor of Missoula, along with most of the council members, and three Democratic county commissioners, (now there’s a real surprise) have sent letters to federal officials supporting Poole, her club Soft Landing and the International Rescue Committee in their resettlement efforts.

If all you are advocating is a “few,” why not invite a “few” Syrian refugees to come live in your home and the homes of your friends and neighbors? That might break a whole bunch of you bleeding-heart liberals from suckin’ eggs.

That’s it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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