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By Sandy Laumeyer
Just a Thought 



Graduation, a time of joy, laughter, tears. An exciting time yet a bittersweet one. Graduates are seeing the culmination of 13 years of their lives. They’ve sat in classrooms, done homework, participated in activities such as band and sports. And throughout those 13 years have made friends -- perhaps lost a few -- and increased their knowledge.

They’ve been congratulated, hugged, told how proud their families and friends are of them.

Now it’s time for them to move forward. To follow their own path. They’ve most likely all decided where they are going to go to college and probably their course of study. They are ready and excited to enter this new chapter in their lives.

Along with all the words of advice they’ve received I’d like to add some of my own.

Many years ago, I read a quote that has stuck with me. The author’s name eludes me but the quote is: “You are the master of the unspoken word. Once it passes your lips you become its slave.” In other words, think before you talk. You can’t recall words that you speak.

Which leads to a poem my mother taught me: If wisdom’s ways you wisely seek, five things observe with care -- of whom you speak, and how you speak, and why, and when, and where.

Both of these will stand you in good stead throughout the rest of your life.

Along with these are a few other things. Call them what you will - rules of life, rules to succeed, statements - but they will also help you as you travel your life’s path.

Be kind. Be compassionate. Work without complaining. Be on time whether it’s for class or a job. Promptness doesn’t go unnoticed and it helps build your reputation. Don’t judge other people. They are facing problems and decisions that only they know what has brought them to that point in their lives. Instead of judging them, offer to help them, even if it’s just listening to them. Sometimes all a person needs is to be able to think out loud in order to know which way to go.

Take time for your family and friends. Yes, we all get busy. Yes, we all have a ton of things to do, places to go. But at the end of the day, things and work cannot replace the comfort and peace of being with those who truly care about you.

Give of your time and talents to help others. Not only will you help them and the community where you live, but you will find that it will help you enjoy life more and give you a feeling of satisfaction knowing you were part of the success of the projects.

Share your blessings. It doesn’t matter how you do - it only matters that you do. It can be as simple as donating to your local food bank or church pantry. People are always in need of not only food, but basic necessities - facial tissues, shampoo, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items. Food banks can use coupons to help them purchase supplies. How much effort does it take to clip a few coupons out of the newspaper or a magazine?

In the end, know that you will achieve peace, contentment, and joy from always doing the very best you can.


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