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By Virgil Vaupel
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Make America Strong Again


We already know our government is shipping far too much of our tax dollars overseas to “developing counties.”

We already know that our national debt has nearly doubled in size since Obama was given the office of the presidency by minorities, progressives (formerly known as liberals) and single white females 18 to 32 years of age.

We already know our “entitlement society” has increased 10-fold in the past 10 years, costing this nation hundreds of billions of tax dollars and putting several states near bankruptcy.

We already know our military is downsizing while Russia, China and several or more countries are up-sizing their military, causing the demise of Americas superiority as a world super-power.

The United States became the only superpower in the world right after WWII, when former holders of the title were in total dis-array, i.e. England, France and Germany.

World powers before that were Portugal and Spain. Remember the Spanish Armada? And Queen Isabella of Portugal, who spent “large,” sending C. Columbus to America to discover the Indians before Al Gore discovered them first.

America's reign as superpower was shorter than any of the above, lasting from about 1945 until shortly after the Vietnam War ended. Since then it has been all downhill ... incrementally.

The progressives and those who pull their strings would like a utopian world where everyone has the same amount in their bank account, drives the same car, has the same number of children, is of one of two races, is of one of two religions.

In order for this to happen the United States can't just be immediately brought down to the level of the have-nots, nor can the have-nots be immediately brought up to our level. Both events have to happen ... incrementally. (There's that word again.)

Enter now the real villain ... globalization.

Let me try to explain.

The PTBs (Powers That Be) are making it so that Americans are falling deeper and deeper into personal debt. The average credit card debt is now hovering around $18 to $22 thousand dollars.

Top that off with a Yukon payment of $800 a month, mortgage of $1,800, a “bundled” boat, murdercycle and Jet Ski payment of $900 bucks a month, family health insurance topping out around the $2,000 a month figure, food, utilities, school, iPods, notebooks, laptops and smart phones for the whole family and it's no wonder most American families live paycheck to paycheck.

This anomaly is just what the PTBs want. It is far easier to control a poor person than it is to control a rich person. The poor don't want to lose what they have and the rich don't care. They'll just go out and buy more stuff.

Every American dollar that leaves your wallet to purchase goods made overseas is another nail in the coffin ready made for America.

Foreign investors are making a virtual killing by investing in America while the few Americans who can afford to invest here are going abroad to invest where their money will buy more and where they don't have to fight the EPA and labor unions in the work place.

Is it the water in Washington, D.C., that makes those elected to public office indifferent to the plight of America as we know it, or have they grown as apathetic and complacent as the rest of us? Do they have to sign a secret paper saying they will tell their constituents only what they want to hear and NOT what really goes on behind the shield of “secrecy” and “need to know” national security issues?

The PTBs are forcing Americans into Walmart, Shopko, Target, Kmart and other stores, where the merchandise is cheaper and 90 percent “Made Everywhere Except The United States.”

It's time for America to return to the 1940s,1950s and 1960s, when American kids were ranked No. 2 and 3 in math and science (behind Japan and Germany).

We need to reopen our steel and textile mills, manufacture our own furniture, make our own shoes and stockings, manufacture our own TVs, cell phones and cameras, clothing and bras, staples, office supplies, corned beef hash, watches, silverware, dinner plates, batteries, tools of all kinds, vacuum cleaners, toilet plungers and shower curtains, tires, spark plugs and other automotive stuff.

We must do this to make America strong again. It can be done but has to begin right now. We all need to tighten our belts, do without some things until they are manufactured right here in the country you pay taxes to.

Most importantly, tell your congressman/woman it's time to make these changes. Castrate the EPA and let business flourish again. Make the tax code warm and fuzzy for business but fair for the nation as a whole.

Change (and NOT the Obama kind) begins with one person.

That's it for now folks. Thanks for listening.


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