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  • Western Valley 4-H Report For July And August 2023

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|Aug 30, 2023

    On July 23, part of the Western Valley 4-H Club attended Fort Peck Summer Theatre’s production of Matilda and swam in the Dredge Cuts afterwards. The only members who actually came were Michael Ketchum, Linden Holt, and myself. Matilda was brilliant, and anyone who didn’t get a chance to see it sorely missed out. Sewing Camp was July 30. Although our club was hosting, the only members who attended were Linden and I. We had some difficulties, as the people we thought were helping never sho...

  • Western Valley 4-H Report

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|Jun 21, 2023

    4-H Camp was June 13-15. Michael Ketchum, Linden Holt, and Zora Holt chose to be counselors. Nikiyah Jones, Ryan Jones, A'aligha Jones, Broc McColly, and Kort Strommen attended as campers. A grand time was had by all. We had our annual Rabies Clinic on June 17. N. Jones, R. Jones, A. Jones, Strommen, Cienna Stommen, M. Ketchum, L. Holt and Z. Holt all attended. Dr. Rose Stoneberg kindly volunteered to vaccinate the animals for us. The clinic was conducted by Maxwell Herd Health, but Dr. Patty...

  • Western Valley 4-H Club

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|May 31, 2023

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our May meeting and annual Theony Cemetery clean-up on May 19. Michael Ketchum, Linden Holt, Cooper Albus, Broc McColly, and I were the only members able to make it. LaMae and Steve Lacock joined us and fed us after the clean-up. Historically, the cemetery has suffered from a cactus infestation, but over the years we have been able to cut back on the cactus quite a bit. As usual, our May meeting was rather unorganized, due to the absence of our President, Vice...

  • Western Valley 4-H Club April Meeting

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|May 10, 2023

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our April meeting on April 23. Our president, vice president, and parliamentarian forgot about the meeting, so they had to Zoom in. We discussed progress on the Rabies Clinic and Sewing Camp. June 17, is our tentative date for Rabies Clinic, but Sewing Camp plans are currently at a standstill. We also began to make plans for our annual Thoeny Cemetery clean-up. So far, May 7 seems to be the best day for cleaning the cemetery. After the meeting, we had cake and...

  • Western Valley 4-H Report

    Reporter Zora Holt, For the Courier|Mar 15, 2023

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our March meeting on March 5. Secretary Linden Holt asked the roll call question of "How many monkeys does it take to change a light bulb?" We had answers ranging from "one really smart one" to a billion. Michael Ketchum decided it "only takes one monkey to change a light bulb into broken glass!" The rest of our meeting passed uneventfully. After the meeting, members ate sandwiches, potato salad, and unicorn cupcakes prepared by the cooking cl...

  • Western Valley 4-H

    Reporter Zora Holt, For the Courier|Feb 15, 2023

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our January meeting on Jan. 28. Ten members, one leader, and four parents were present. The club received four thank-you letters for fruit baskets. After the uneventful meeting, we had make-your-own tacos for supper. Some members had a brief Nerf War before everyone had to go home. We held our February meeting on Feb. 4. Secretary Linden Holt asked the amusing roll call question of "What number is the ultimate answer to the universe?" We had answers ranging from...

  • Western Valley 4-H Club Report

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|Dec 28, 2022

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our December meeting and Christmas party on Dec. 18. We exchanged Secret Santa gifts, enjoyed cookies the Cooking Class made, and filled fruit baskets for community members....

  • Western Valley 4-H Report

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|Dec 7, 2022

    The Western Valley 4-H Club held our November meeting on Nov. 6. We welcomed new members Haizyn Rutherford and Ryan Jones during this meeting. The meeting was quite uneventful. We drew names for our Secret Santa gift exchange and discussed upcoming club activities. On Nov. 9, Western Valley 4-H Club members Haizyn Rutherford and Cooper Albus attended the Kiwanis meeting in Glasgow. Every year, Glasgow’s Kiwanis Club gives the top four 4-H Clubs an award. Haizyn and Cooper, the youngest members in attendance, were fortunate enough to accept W...

  • Western Valley 4-H

    Zora Holt, For the Courier|Nov 2, 2022

    Western Valley 4-H Club members Kade Strommen, Cienna Strommen, Layna Jones, and Zora Holt got together on Oct. 12 and gave ice-cream to Hinsdale’s student body to promote 4-H. While enjoying their ice-cream, the elementary kids learned about 4-H and why they might want to join. The kids also took a slip of paper home to their parents which explained what 4-H is and how to join. We gave ice-cream to both elementary students and high school students, although the high schoolers seemed more interested in ice-cream than 4-H. On Oct. 15, Western V...

  • Western Valley 4-H

    Western Valley 4-H Reporter Zora Holt, For the Courier|Oct 19, 2022

    The Western Valley 4-H Club had our first meeting on Oct. 4, after the Fall Festival. Eight members, one leader, three parents, and one guest were present. Broc McColly played “County Fair” by Chris Ledoux for us, and Kort Strommen led us in an entertaining game of Poison Dart Frog. Sierra Holt informed us of new rules regarding fair and reminded us we are hosting Sewing Camp along with Four Leaf Clover 4-H Club again this year. We discussed the rest of our activities for October. We wrapped up the meeting with officer elections. The new off...

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