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Western Valley 4-H Report For July And August 2023

On July 23, part of the Western Valley 4-H Club attended Fort Peck Summer Theatre’s production of Matilda and swam in the Dredge Cuts afterwards. The only members who actually came were Michael Ketchum, Linden Holt, and myself. Matilda was brilliant, and anyone who didn’t get a chance to see it sorely missed out.

Sewing Camp was July 30. Although our club was hosting, the only members who attended were Linden and I. We had some difficulties, as the people we thought were helping never showed up. In the end, the event felt more like a “trivet bee” (we made trivets, so it’s a trivet bee instead of a quilting bee) than a structured 4-H event.

The Western Valley 4-H Club had our August meeting Aug. 7 at the fairgrounds. We put together our booth for the fair and reported on our July activities. Most of the members hadn’t done their demonstrations yet, so the majority of the meeting consisted of various demonstrations.

After the meeting, we all headed over to the event center for Interview Judging. 4-H is judged differently than Open Class; we have volunteers set up tables and judge our fair entries while we tell the volunteers about said entries.

The placings are awarded based on the project and the interview.


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