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  • Holt Runs Fastest Two-Mile In Hinsdale's History

    Sierra Stoneberg Holt, For the Courier|May 15, 2024

    In 2020, a nervous freshman entered the halls of Hinsdale High School. Zora Rose Holt had received her kindergarten to eighth grade education at home school, a one-room school, and even an exciting quarter in an elementary school in the Czech Republic, so Hinsdale felt big, foreign, and overwhelming. She was taken under the wing of the great Kaitlyn McColly, a familiar face from the 4-H club she'd belonged to since she was seven. It will come as no surprise to anyone that one of the things...

  • Holt Gets Name On Montana Range Days Top Hand Trophy

    Sierra Stoneberg Holt, For the Courier|Feb 1, 2023

    On June 22, 2022, in Shelby, Mont., Zora Rose Holt of Hinsdale, Mont., became the 45th person to get her name engraved on the Montana Range Days Top Hand Trophy. To the best of our knowledge, she is the first person to have shared the trophy with a parent. Montana Range Days started in 1977 in Jordan, Mont., and has been going strong ever since with a pause for 2020. The third week in June, it offers two and a half days of non-stop learning, tours, and contests for the whole family from age...

  • Christmas on the Range

    Sierra Stoneberg Holt, For the Courier|Dec 26, 2018

    Seven kids and 11 adults came to celebrate Christmas at the Tallow Creek School on Dec. 8. Linden Holt's broken arm meant he couldn't play any musical instruments, but Zora Holt played a piano piece from the movie Frozen and then accompanied them both while they sang "White Christmas." Linden sang a song he'd written himself with the refrain, "Snow, snow, please don't go. If you ride the white horses then don't shout, 'Whoa!'" They had to change their Czech carol a week before the program when...

  • Pet Rescue

    Sierra Stoneberg Holt, Horse Ranch|Jan 31, 2018

    My family was sorry to hear that Cindy was denied her permit to continue operating her pet rescue. Clover has really completed our family. She's polite to the other animals, both wild and domestic. She's equally happy to spend all day either running and working cows with horsebackers or lounging around being Jason's writing buddy. She was Zora's first 4-H project and an enthusiastic participant in the fair. She courageously saved the life of my mom's beloved old dog when a cow attacked her....

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