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By Sierra Stoneberg Holt
Horse Ranch 

Pet Rescue

Letter to the Editor


January 31, 2018

I'm including a photo of my children, Linden (9) and Zora (11) with their best buddy, Clover (3).

My family was sorry to hear that Cindy was denied her permit to continue operating her pet rescue. Clover has really completed our family. She's polite to the other animals, both wild and domestic. She's equally happy to spend all day either running and working cows with horsebackers or lounging around being Jason's writing buddy. She was Zora's first 4-H project and an enthusiastic participant in the fair. She courageously saved the life of my mom's beloved old dog when a cow attacked her. She's warned us of several rattlesnakes, and we were afraid we were going to lose her when she took a hit of poison in place of one of the kids, but when told not to die, she thumped her tail and obeyed. Our family is deeply grateful to Cindy, not just for helping us find Clover, but for all her help with Zora's 4-H project, her willingness to answer questions and be generous with her time, and her example of selflessness. Zora always saves a bit of her fair premium money to donate to the Pet Rescue. I know it isn't easy work. I will never forget the tiredness in Cindy's voice the first time I called, and she responded, "What kind of dog do you have?" (I said, "I uh none, I was actually hoping to get one"). We want to thank Cindy from the bottom of our hearts for making this a world in which Clover didn't die a little ball of fluff and potential before we ever had a chance to find her.


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