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  • Passing the Baton

    Rachel Sigmundstad, The Courier|Mar 27, 2019

    After 18 years of teaching in Glasgow, Dr. Brad Persinger is retiring this spring. Originally from Kansas, Persinger moved to Glasgow in 2001. He has taught band for 18 years, and for 12 of those years, he has also taught choir. From recorder to guitar, Persinger has done it all. I went to the GHS band room to interview him on Monday, March 18, just as the school day ended. I waded through a sea of dismissed concert band students while Persinger straightened up his classroom. We settled in at th...

  • Junior High Learning to Fly

    Rachel Sigmundstad, The Courier|Feb 6, 2019

    If you attended the basketball games on Jan. 31, you might have noticed some new faces among the cheerleaders. Amid the usual winter squad members were a handful of eighth graders out for their first night on the court. After only two practices, the girls were nearly indistinguishable from their older counterparts as they stunted and danced in GHS Cheer uniforms. Assistant coach Tayte Prewett said that their intent was to excite the eighth graders for cheer, while setting them apart from the... Full story

  • Scottie Girls Enjoy Wins

    Rachel Sigmundstad, The Courier|Jan 30, 2019

    On Thursday, Jan. 24, Glasgow hosted Poplar at Glasgow High School. The Scottie boys played hard, even tying the score at 22-22 at the half. However, Poplar managed to pull ahead by five points, 42-37, going into the fourth quarter, where gameplay stayed pretty even. The Indians stayed ahead by two points during the last moments of the game. The Scotties attempted to tie the game with a two-point shot, but was unsuccessful. Scotties lost, 51-49, to the Indians. Scottie girls, however, earned a victory against Poplar. They pulled ahead quickly,...

  • Teaching to the Highest Degree without a Degree

    Rachel Sigmundstad, The Courier|Jan 2, 2019

    When I sat down to interview Luree Green-Chappell in her home over Christmas break, we met in her dining room amidst a flurry of dogs and kids. Green-Chappell is the Swing Choir director at Glasgow High School, the accompanist for the middle and high school choirs, and a recurring music director/band leader at Fort Peck Summer Theatre. Looking around her house, it is no secret that music plays a large part in her life. The walls are lined with musical instruments and memorabilia with the dining...

  • GHS Swing Choir Shines at Record Release Party

    Rachel Sigmundstad, The Courier|Dec 5, 2018

    The Glasgow High School Swing Choir debuted their original Christmas music on Nov. 20. Every year, the Swing Choir is assigned a project during first semester that requires them to work in groups and use their knowledge of theory to create musical compositions; this year they were challenged to write original Christmas songs. The class was split into four groups and each group was assigned a genre in which to write their song- sacred, alternative, big band or musical theatre. All of the groups w...

  • Carnival Cuisine

    Rachel Sigmundstad, Because Why Not|Aug 15, 2018

    Fair food is a quiet but integral part of fair culture. Concession stands run by local clubs and organizations assemble a staff of volunteers, create a unique menu and establish a temporary eatery that leaves a lasting impression in the memories of their patrons. It’s seemingly impossible to sever the fond thoughts of fair time from those of the enticing meals to be had there. At the 4H stand, I had a classic traveling taco. This is a simple dish that is convenient for events where you want to walk and eat. With something like a traveling t...

  • In Defense of the Oxford Comma

    Rachel Sigmundstad, Because Why Not|Jul 4, 2018

    I need to buy bread, milk, peanut butter and jelly and honey. That sentence might look incorrect to you, but within the parameters of the Associated Press style, it is correct. Perhaps this looks better; I need to buy bread, milk, peanut butter and jelly, and honey. The difference between those two sentences is the use of a serial comma. Serial commas, often referred to as Oxford commas or Harvard commas, are commas placed before the conjunction in a series. Their use has long been debated and different style guides have different rules. Regard...

  • Hopes For a Panelling Renaissance

    Rachel Sigmundstad, Designed View|Jun 13, 2018

    Nothing conjures up images of dim rooms with orange, shag carpet and floral curtains quite like someone mentioning wood paneling. The cheap, easy-to-install wall surface was popular throughout the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Eventually becoming too commonplace and generic, wood paneling fell out of style. Like any trend, everyone wanted to have it until everyone had it and moved on to the next fad. However, I believe there is a long future ahead for wood paneling. As more modern styles incorporate industrial themes juxtaposed with rustic-chic...

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