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Creeping Communism

There are some in our government who care nothing for our Constitution or our country. In fact, they want to do away with our Constitution and make this into a socialist, communist country. How many... Full story

 By Karen Bender    Opinion    August 4, 2021

They Are at it Again...

There is a problem for We senior citizens earned and were promised our Social Security benefits after a lifetime of paying into the system. But, if Congress passes amnesty for illegal aliens, they... Full story


Who is Better Qualified to be Sheriff?

Dear Editor, It is my understanding that a sheriff needs more skills in management than in law enforcement. According to Dan Taylor, who was a sheriff here for many, many years, a good sheriff has to be able to manage the jail, dispatch, civil...


Before You Vote for Sheriff

Dear Editor, If you were unable to go to the public forum put on by Joe Horn’s biological daughters, you can see what went on at the meeting by going to YouTube and type in “Horn Public Forum.” It was very informative. If you have young...


Some Things You Should Know About Abortion

In answer to an article Mary put in The Glasgow Courier Oct. 28, “Are They Willing,” the questions were asked, “How many unwanted children are being born each year? How many of those unwanted children are abused and/or killed? In the article...

 By Karen Bender    Opinion    April 1, 2015

I've Thought Long And Hard

I have thought long and hard about some of the articles that have appeared in The Courier these past weeks, the ones written by Virgil Vaupel, Susan Watterson, Bonnie Davidson and Joann Beard. I feel there is more that should be said because there...


Glasgow's Open Class Has Class

Dear Editor: Glasgow’s Open Class at the fair shines. I believe that Glasgow has the best open class of any place I have seen. I’ve been to larger fairs like Havre and Great Falls, and they didn’t even compare with Glasgow’s. Plus we had a... Full story


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