By Karen Bender

They Are at it Again...

Letter to the Editor


August 4, 2021

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There is a problem for We senior citizens earned and were promised our Social Security benefits after a lifetime of paying into the system. But, if Congress passes amnesty for illegal aliens, they will drain our Social Security by giving billions to those who did not earn it. This is wrong.

Call our Representative and Senators and let them know your Social Security benefits are for American Senior Citizens who worked for it. If the Democrats want to give away money to illegals they should have to take it out of their retirement, not ours.

Am I right?

This is a quote from The Seniors Group for Social Security: "If Congress passes amnesty for illegal aliens, a typical non-citizen will receive $66,858 of Social Security benefits.

That's right, the average illegal alien would get a windfall of $66,858 from our Social Security safety net designed for American Senior Citizens who paid into the system.

When you consider that the average Social Security benefit is $18,516 per year, it's a blatant slap in your face and the faces of all tax-paying Senior Citizens and retirees.

Amnesty means non-citizens get to cut in line ahead of seniors and retirees and steal a piece of the pie that they didn't earn and didn't contribute to."

The Congressional Budget Office says the Social Security Trust Fund is already paying out more than it takes in. So, please, please, call your senators and representative and let them know your benefits are off limits to illegal aliens and should only be paid to American Senior Citizens who worked for this benefit.

Rep. Matt Rosendale: 406-502-1465 or 202-225-3211.

Senator Jon Tester: 406-728-3003 or 202-224-2644.

Senator Steve Daines: 406-587-3446 or 202-224-2651.


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