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  • Photographer Aims at What She Loves

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Aug 9, 2017

    Longtime local rancher and now photographer, Audra Ortega received her first camera as a Christmas gift only two years ago. Originally requested in order to better document her first daughter's early years, the camera was soon Ortega's constant companion on every manner of ranch errands and tasks. Coming from a family who has ranched in the area for generations, Ortega has a deep love and respect for the lifestyle that is intertwined with the business of ranching. Upon beginning her photography... Full story

  • FPST Reviewed: Grease

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Aug 9, 2017

    Bright and colorful, Grease bounced along like a freshly inflated vintage beach ball. Fun to watch, but for the most part, nothing to bring one to the edge of their seat. However, it was during the large group numbers that the wind picked up and that classic beach ball seemed to bounce a little higher. The opening “Grease is the Word” was sultry, fun, and set the mood for a lively show with a commanding vocal performance by Hailey Stone and the band, parading across the stage in all their musical glory to take their place in the onstage ban... Full story

  • Health Dept. Continues 'Cardiac Ready' Efforts

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Aug 2, 2017

    On July 26, Registered Nurse Lynn Miller and Health Department Director Connie Boreson with the Valley County Health Department were in the driveway of the Glasgow Fire Hall, ready to spread awareness about automated external defibrillators (AEDs), explain hands-only CPR, and provide advice about appropriate emergency action. Jenny Fuller, representing the Glasgow Police Station, was also on site, ready to provide information regarding heatstroke and all the situations in which it can take... Full story

  • For the Love of Glaciers

    Josie Braaten, Casual Observations|Aug 2, 2017

    Being the bad Montanans that we are, my mom and I went to Glacier National Park for the first time ever only a few weeks ago. Over our depressingly short three days in the park, we hiked until we could physically go no further, practically crawling back to our car every night, yet absolutely gleeful about our adventure. Our routes took us to literally breathtaking glacial overlooks, through meadows of alpine wildflowers, alongside a family of bighorn sheep, to the source of exquisitely raging waterfalls, and through a honest-to-God fairy...

  • Medora Plays Home to Glasgow Artist

    Josie Braaten, For the Courier|Jul 26, 2017

    Local artist Cathryn Reitler began an Artist in Residency program in the historic town of Medora, N.D., on July 19. As a part of the program, Reitler is living expense-free in one of the town's 18th century antique homes, where she is able to paint onsite and has a gallery of her works for sale upstairs. Her residency will commence on July 29, with a reception held in her honor showcasing the pieces she has completed during her stay, along with pieces she created in preparation for the... Full story

  • Legitimate Camping Experience

    Josie Braaten, Casual Observations|Jul 19, 2017

    My parents have always loved to camp, so naturally, we did a lot of camping when my siblings and I were younger. At first I was the biggest weenie. I had a fear of wind, lightening, the dark, out houses, pretty much everything that makes the camping experience authentic. To be honest, I didn’t exactly relish those early family trips. As I got older though, those things became less scary and repulsive until one summer I realized that I actually couldn’t wait for my parents to haul out our mammoth blue tent and whisk us off somewhere nat...

  • Staffing Changes at FMDH

    Josie Braaten, For the Courier|Jul 12, 2017

    Change is in the air at Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital with extensive renovations and space repurposing on the horizon, and that spirit of change doesn’t stop at the building. Since March of 2017, six new department directors or managers have joined the ranks of FMDH leadership. Although some of the newly appointed leaders have worked at the hospital for years, while others are new to the FMDH family, all are eager to put their unique personalities to use in order to best serve FMDH and consequently, the community. Derek Beadle, who has b... Full story

  • Learning to Use Crutches

    Josie Braaten, Casual Observations|Jul 12, 2017

    Last fall, during the tail end of my cross country season, I started feeling an aching soreness in my left hip. Instead of just being sore from lifting, like I had originally thought, it turned out to be an avulsion fracture. I was absolutely devastated. Just two days before, I had ran my personal best 8K time at our regional cross country meet and now I was being told that I had six weeks of crutches in my future. I had to keep reminding myself that it could have been much worse and to be thankful that it wouldn’t require surgery. However, f...

  • Full of Tofu Knowledge

    Josie Braaten, Casual Observations|Jul 5, 2017

    I was raised to regard tofu as a joke rather than an actual nutrition source, much less one that could actually taste good. In my mind, it was this mysterious lump of matter that those crazy vegans forced themselves to eat to prove their unwavering vegan-ness. This past fall then, I was shocked when my very omnivorous friend whipped a carton of tofu out of the fridge as casually as a head of lettuce. But impressionable, little amateur foodie that I am, I was also inspired. Then, when I found out how inexpensive and packed with protein tofu...

  • Wolf Point Provisioner Offers Camp Sites for Cyclists

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Jun 28, 2017

    Seven years ago, Carolyn Whitmer found herself ready for a change. After years of working in the Portland corporate world and some considerable higher-ed, she decided to open a greenhouse. Growing up on her family's farm south of Poplar instilled in her a strong passion for everything plants, from how they grew to people's interactions with them. With her new business venture, she wanted to share this passion with the community of her childhood, while filling the area's need for an extensive... Full story

  • Knuckle Crew Contributes to Summer Theatre Cause

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Jun 28, 2017

    On June 14, the Busted Knuckle hosted a "Brews for a Cause" event at their downtown establishment to benefit the Fort Peck Summer Theatre. One dollar from every pint sold, along with all tips given to the workers that evening and countless additional donations were collected. Following curtain call on the opening night of Oliver! on June 24, the Knuckle's Ben Borenson presented Jody Sundheim of the Fort Peck Fine Arts Council with a check of $700. According to Sundheim, the money will be put... Full story

  • Dam Racers Brave Strong Winds at Fort Peck

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Jun 21, 2017

    A steady, driving headwind and violent flurries of icy rain. Not exactly prime conditions for a morning of competitive cardio, but approximately 400 hearty souls pushed through the 23rd Annual Longest Dam Race on the morning of June 17. The event started off with the 10K run at 8 a.m. Thirty-six runners came through the finish line, each looking rather windblown, damp, and incredibly glad to be finished. According to Dam Race veterans, Tim Phillips and Donna Kloker, the day's conditions were... Full story

  • Can the Catcalls

    Josie Braaten, Casual Observations|Jun 21, 2017

    I’ve been running ever since it became glaringly obvious, at a very early age, that I was basically physically incapable of playing any sport requiring hand-eye coordination, and I love it. I find it to be wonderfully exhilarating, while simultaneously being extremely peaceful, which makes it the perfect stress reliever and way to get my “me time.” Unfortunately though, my runs, so vital to my mental stability and necessary training for my collegiate cross country and track seasons, are interrupted way too frequently by random catcalls from...

  • Sidney Couple Brings BBQ to Lakeridge Lot

    Josie Braaten, The Courier|Jun 14, 2017

    It sprang up seemingly overnight. A miniature building in a corner of The Lakeridge's parking lot, with a massive "Hilburn's BBQ" sign strung across its deep red siding. The little building, home to the soon to be famous "Papa's Sauce," is owned by Kayla and Trey Hilburn of Sidney Mont. Although the couple met and continued to live in Sidney while working the oil fields, Trey is originally from south Georgia. "He was a great cook when we were dating," said Kayla, "I told him it was really good a... Full story