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  • OP-ED: Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Creates Montana Jobs, Lowers Costs

    Jon Tester, U.S. Senator|Nov 24, 2021

    As a farmer, I know firsthand that good things take time. Every year, I plant my fields with crops like wheat, barley, peas, and saffron, and in July, August, and September, I harvest those crops and reap what I’ve sown. Writing laws is much the same – and this fall, after a long spring and summer of working with Republicans and Democrats, Montana is set to reap urgently-needed upgrades to our crumbling infrastructure and strong economic growth across our state, thanks to my bipartisan infrastructure bill that was signed into law by the pre...

  • Targeted COVID Package Will Reopen Our Economy

    Jon Tester, US Senator|Mar 31, 2021

    One year into this pandemic, Montanans are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our vaccines are safe and effective, COVID cases are falling thanks to the tireless efforts of our frontline health care workers, and Spring is on the horizon. But even with this good news, we still have work to do before we get through the worst public health and economic crisis in generations. Over the past year I've had hundreds of conversations with families, workers, doctors, educators,...

  • Building KXL Will Bring Jobs and Opportunity to E. Montana

    Jon Tester, US Senator|Mar 24, 2021

    When I disagree with my party, I defend Montana and say so. President Biden's decision to cancel the presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline was a mistake-one that I am fighting tooth and nail to overturn. Working Montana families are depending on the jobs and economic benefits that building the pipeline would bring, and we rely on the energy the oil that will flow through the pipeline will provide to heat our homes and run our equipment. And that's not to mention the much-needed tax...

  • Facing the Opiod Crisis

    Jon Tester, Political Viewpoint|Oct 25, 2017

    Montanans, like many across our country, continue to face a severe and growing opioid, meth, and heroin epidemic. These drugs have ravaged Montana homes and families, leaving little of our state untouched by addiction. The time is now. We must work together to keep these drugs off the streets and out of the hands of our children, friends, and family. I joined Senators from across the country in demanding that the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services detail exactly how law enforcement agencies can help opioid...

  • Fight for What Really Matters

    Jon Tester, Chiming In|Jul 5, 2017

    Too often, policy debates in Washington, D.C., devolve into partisan fist-fights. Each side becomes so focused on landing a punch that they forget why they climbed into the ring in the first place. Just a few years ago, one in five Montanans did not have access to health insurance, and people couldn’t afford to get sick. When we passed health care reform, we took a big step forward, and today, more Montanans have access to health care than ever before. But the current health care system is not perfect, and there are still folks in Montana who a...

  • Open Letter to the USDA

    Jon Tester, Chiming In|Jun 28, 2017

    Editor's note: U.S. Senator Jon Tester announced at press time that farmers and ranchers in six Montana counties will have access to drought assistance through U.S. Department of Agriculture disaster relief programs. The following is an open letter Tester sent to U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue last week. Today I write to urge you to work with agricultural producers in Montana who are facing severe drought disaster conditions. The U.S. Drought Monitor, in recent days, designated six Montana counties at the second-highest drought...

  • Tester Talks Trains, Budget

    Jon Tester, Chiming In|Jun 21, 2017

    Every year over one hundred thousand people ride the Empire Builder, many stop in Glasgow. Those people frequent the small businesses, spending their hard-earned money and sustaining good-paying jobs for Glasgow and the surrounding areas. For 88 years the Empire Builder has brought folks from across the country to the Hi-Line, and under the President’s proposed budget the Empire Builder, and the economic activity that comes with it, would go away. As the Courier reported, the President’s budget would leave 140 million Americans without acc...

  • Holding the VA Accountable

    Jon Tester, Political Opinion|Jan 20, 2016

    Time and time again, when our nation is in need, Montanans answer the call of duty. We are all grateful for our veterans’ service to our nation, but just saying “thank you” is not enough. Vietnam veterans are entering their retirement years and a younger generation of veterans is coping with the unseen wounds of a decade of war. This combined with a strain of resources and a bureaucratic health care process at the VA has caused increased wait times that are unacceptable. I’ve heard from veterans here in Valley County and all across Montana...

  • Paying The Border Patrol

    Sen. Jon Tester, Political Opinion|Dec 24, 2014

    Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., last week released the following statement after the president signed the Border Patrol Agent Pay Reform Act into law. Tester, along with Senator John McCain, R-Ariz., introduced and successfully pushed the bipartisan legislation through Congress earlier this month. Tester's statement: “The men and women of the Border Patrol work tough jobs to keep us safe and deserve a pay system that meets their needs. This new law will ensure a predictable pay system, save taxpayer dollars, make government work better and strengthen...

  • Tester Talks Indian Affairs

    Jon Tester--U.S. Senator, Political Opinion|Feb 19, 2014

    Living in Montana, you’re never too far from Indian Country. But I live closer than most. Right down the road from my farm in Big Sandy is the Rocky Boys Reservation, home to the Chippewa-Cree Tribe. Standing up for Indian Country is a responsibility I never take lightly. That’s why, earlier this month, I stepped forward to become the chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Indian Affairs Committee. Leading the Indian Affairs Committee will give me new opportunities to work with tribes to improve the quality of life for Montana’s – and America’s – Indian...

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