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  • Disbelief in Public Knowledge

    Donna Dascher, Glasgow, Mont.|Oct 31, 2018

    Dear Editor, The Oct. 17 Courier really took me by surprise! Why would the Sheriff's Dept. or DOJ release so much evidence in a pending case? Because it is public knowledge! I am still a firm believer that we are innocent until proven guilty and there are always two sides to every story. Just remember this verse, "Ye who has not sinned, cast the first stone." Let's not let this tear our community apart. Instead, let's come together and support the ones that are affected by this. This includes...

  • Kids Need To Stop Being Slobs, Dropping 'F' Bombs

    Donna Dascher, Letter To The Editor|Apr 22, 2015

    Dear Editor: I seriously don’t know where to begin. I am seeing a lot of what is being worn and what is being said by the fourth through sixth graders at the East Side School. Holy cow!!!! They may as well wear pajamas. Is there absolutely no dress code now in the Glasgow school system?? While our granddaughter lived in Fort Worth, Texas and was enrolled in school there, all the kids wore polo shirts, with collars, and khaki pants or shorts. It was very strict, but you know what? They looked great. They looked clean and happy. They seemed to b...

  • Article On Deputy Campaign Complaints Misleading

    Donna Dascher, Letter To The Editor|Nov 19, 2014

    Dear Editor: The article on the deputy campaign complaints on Wednesday, Nov. 5 was misleading. De minimis – adj. (dee-minnie-miss) Latin for “of minimum importance.” It is not “application de minimis, it is “de minimis.” The meaning is not as you stated. The Courier stated that it meant “the error was unintentional and it was corrected before the complaints were filed.” Misleading. This is quoted from the COPP, Jonathon R. Motl, of the State of Montana, “These violations are excused upon application of the de minimis principle such th...