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 By Bob Brown    Opinion    January 19, 2022

OP-ED: Mr. Smith & Senate Filibuster

One of the great motion pictures of all time was the 1939 Academy Award blockbuster directed by the legendary Frank Capra called Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The movie was based on an unpublished manuscript by Lewis R. Foster with the title, “The... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    December 22, 2021

OP-ED: Tribute to Bob Dole

With the unrelenting talk about election fraud, I’ve decided now to clear my conscience and disclose that I voted twice for President in 1996. No, it wasn’t an act of voter fraud. As a delegate to the Republican convention that year, I voted to... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    October 13, 2021

OP-ED: Abortion at a Crossroads

Pregnancies and human life are older than recorded time, and so, it follows, are abortions. The procedures by which abortions have been conducted, however, have only very recently in human history been recognized in law and made safe by regulations.... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    December 27, 2017

Counting on Debt

As a young high school American government teacher, I compared our system to an automobile that was useful if it could start, speed up, slow down and stop. When the people thought government needed to be more active, they elected liberal Democrats...


It's Time to Free Barry Beach

“It [is] more a duty [of an Attorney General] to save an innocent than to convict a guilty man.” We know we do not live in a perfect world where only the guilty are convicted and the wrongly accused go free, but prosecutors can sometimes seem...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    January 21, 2015

Building Montana: The Opportunity Is Here

As many as 2,000 temporary high-paying blue-collar jobs will be created in Montana if the U.S. government approves the much publicized Keystone XL pipeline. More than twice as many similar private-sector construction jobs, however, will result from...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    September 3, 2014

Russell's Priceless Legacy

The symbol that means Montana is the buffalo bulls head crafted by cowboy artist Charlie Russell. This year marks the sesquicentennial of Russell's birth. He would have been 150 on March 19. By all accounts, Charlie was as his adopted son Jack...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    June 18, 2014

Hey, Candidates: Expose Your Dark Money Donors

The venerable Barry Goldwater warned that,“Unlimited campaign spending eats at the heart of the democratic process. It feeds the growth of special interest groups created solely to channel money into political campaigns. It creates an impression...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    March 5, 2014

Montanans Appear Not To Like Having Senators Appointed

With the departure of Senator Baucus from the Senate, Montana’s longest serving statewide elected official is Ed Smith. Never heard of him? Well, we have elected him Clerk of our Supreme Court five times. Ed served as Chief Clerk of the Montana... Full story

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    December 25, 2013

Sizing Up Montana's Senate Race

In politics, timing is everything and that certainly appears to be the case with Lt. Gov. John Walsh and Congressman Steve Daines. A year from no one of them will likely be a U.S. senator, something unimaginable a year ago. Then no one imagined Sen....

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    October 16, 2013

Financial Change Will Come No Matter If Politicians Step Forward

Rather than viewing the recent slight uptick in the economy and leveling off in the national debt as a harbinger of a positive future, John Snow believes it is diverting national attention from the debt crises that continues to pose a mortal threat...

 By Bob Brown    Opinion    May 15, 2013

Brown And Baucus

I first met Max Baucus in 1973 when he entered the Montana House of Representatives as a freshman member from Missoula. His seat was at the back of the chamber near bright and articulate Dorothy Bradley of Bozeman, the previous session's only woman... Full story


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