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Stepping On Course Builds Confidence For 60+ Community Members!

Falls are preventable – don’t wait until a fall injures more than your pride! Did you know that one in four people, age 65 or older, experience a fall each year. Of these falls in the state of Montana, 32 percent of unintentional fall-related traumas involved a hip fracture, and 22 percent involved a traumatic brain injury.

Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (FMDH) STAT EMS knows that small, simple changes in one’s life can make a huge impact in preventing a fall from happening and have a course that can teach you all the tips and tricks you need to do so.

Stepping On is an evidence-based, fall prevention course offered for free to adults 60 and older. One must be independently living and can’t use a scooter, walker, or wheelchair full time to be eligible to participate. This course is offered as a component of the Community Integrated Health Program at FMDH and is designed to improve confidence, reduce falls, and reduce fear of falling. The course is focused around incorporating strength and balance exercises into one’s daily routine, as well as discussing many other topics like home hazards, medications, and vision.

The first Stepping On Course was held at the Evangelical Church for two hours every week for seven weeks. Participants in this first session had incredible improvement in their balance, strength and most importantly, confidence in themselves and their prevention of falls. Participants expressed their excitement for sharing with their friends and family the success they experienced because of completing the course.

Registration for the upcoming January 2024 course has begun! This class will meet every week for two hours beginning Jan/ 8 and finish Feb. 19. Some of the techniques that one could learn are choosing safe footwear for all activities, seeing and avoiding fall hazards out in the community, using walking aids the right way and more!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in signing up for the next Stepping On Course or would like more information, please contact the FMDH STAT EMS Office at 406-228-3663 or 406-228-3468.


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