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Lustre Christian High School's Schmeckfest March 22

Lustre Christian High School would like to invite the public to Schmeckfest on Friday, March 22, serving 5 to 7 p.m.  Schmeckfest is the Festival of Tasting of German foods. This is a fundraiser for LCHS that the whole community works towards. The community people make a smorgasbord of German food including verenika, zweiback, perishke, and peppernuts. The students all help set up chairs and tables and also serve water and coffee to our visitors. There will be music, homemade crafts, bake sale items, and auction items, such as quilts.

 Lustre started as a non-accredited Bible school in the 1930s. In 1948, Lustre Bible Academy was established. In 1978, Lustre Bible Academy became Lustre Christian High School. Lustre can also be considered a boarding school as it does have a dormitory for students that are not local to the area.  

 LCHS has been accepting dorm students for over 40 years. In years past it has been out of necessity to keep the school doors open, unlike many surrounding schools that have had to close their doors.  LCHS promotes the school to get and retain students. Some students come from surrounding towns, some from out of state, and there are also some international students. The website for Lustre is This website is how many of the students choose Lustre Christian High School. Sometimes students have also heard about Lustre through a missionary to their area. Many students need to attend an American U.S. high school so they may attend college in the states. All students have a Bible class each year, can participate in music, art, and computer classes. They also have the opportunity for extracurricular activities like volleyball, basketball, and track. At no time has the school advertised or specifically tried to recruit for athletics. Most of the kids that do decide to attend LCHS have only played soccer before, and never picked up a basketball. Most come from very difficult conditions and families scrape together whatever they can to give their kids a better opportunity in life and send them to LCHS.  Once the students are in Lustre, the school believes it is their responsibility to give them every opportunity to succeed in life. One unique thing is international students are able to come back for multiple years and are able to improve themselves both academically and athletically. The kids deserve the credit for making themselves better in all areas. The community is very thankful for the students that chose to come to Lustre, but most importantly, we hope they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

 LCHS looks forward to sharing their meal with you. See you Friday, March 22.


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