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Meet the Mayoral Candidates: Todd Young


October 27, 2021

Courier Photo by Chris McDaniel

Todd Young

• Current age? 38

• How long have you lived in Glasgow? About 36 years.

• Why should voters pick you? "I have seven years of government management experience with my job now as [Valley County] Roads Superintendent. I understand how government budgets work. I do all of my own budget stuff with my job. And, I am extremely common sense.

I am very relatable to the public. I work in public service. My big deal is you have to listen to what people want, the concerns they have. You can't take it as people complaining. You have to understand how they think, and I understand being a taxpayer myself. There are issues. But, we can't wave the magic wand and fix everything. That is unrealistic. I also think ahead. I like to plan things out. But, we also don't know what the future is going to bring either. Whether we have 110 inches of snow in the winter. I hope not, ever again. There is just stuff like that and there is constantly something new every day, and it is going to come up. Maybe you didn't foresee it coming up, and you have to be able to navigate that and learn. I think, if elected, the first few months as the mayor you better learn the ins and outs of every department, whether it be water, streets, the rec. department, the cemetery - everything. Learn what them guys are going through and issues they are having and what they are experiencing, so that way you understand when people come with issues you can explain why things are done this way, or why we can't fix this issue right now. I understand. I get my tax bill twice a year and I understand where my money goes. A lot of people don't. They just see taxes. It is tough when you only have so many tax dollars and have to make that money work."

• What experience do you bring to the table?

"I spent a little over a year on the city council and, of course, when we sold our house and moved out of our district I had to resign my seat. I really enjoyed it. Obviously, it was a learning experience. I have never worked in the city before, but I jumped on board and prided myself on only missing, I think, one meeting during the year and a half I was there. I am a firm believer you are getting paid taxpayer dollars to do this, so be invested in it. It was fun to work in that setting."

• What is the biggest issue facing Glasgow right now, and how will you tackle it?

"I think one of the main concerns you here a lot was the police department and I think that is heading in the right direction. I think things are going really well now over there. But also, streets are a big issue. But to go into it and say 'we are going to fix this,' If elected, you can't go in with an ax to grind and say we are going to do this, this, this and this. It is unattainable. It is unreasonable. You have to sit down and say, 'we have X amount of dollars this year to do this. Where is it going to be utilized the best, the most reasonably, to get the most bang for your buck. But, I would say streets are probably one of the biggest issues right now."

• If elected, what will be the focus of your office from day one?

"Learning. Learn and listen. Listen to the taxpayers, the issues and concerns they have, and learn. Learn the ins and outs of every department in the city. You have to know what is going within the city to be able to help make the decisions along with the city council."

• How will you work with the council members to get stuff done?

"You have to work together. There will always be times where people might not agree with certain things, and that is alright. That is life. But, the mayor is the tie breaker. The city council makes the majority of the voting decisions, and you have to work with them. You have to work closely with them and be transparent with thing that are going on and things you are hearing. Hopefully, they are hearing things and bringing them back to you maybe someone might not have come to the mayor to talk about. You have to work extremely close with the council."

• Anything else you would like voters to know about you?

"I am common sense, down to earth, hard working, and absolutely love the city of Glasgow. This is my home and will be my home forever. I wasn't born here, but this is my home and my family is from around here. And, I work for the people. I am absolutely community first. The taxpayers will get 100% in return if elected."


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