By Paul Cornwell
Valley County 

Drought, Stress and Civility

Letter to the Editor


September 1, 2021

Many times drought, stress and civility don't travel together. If I heard any complaints about water delivery in 2016 it was probably from too much of it.

In a year like 2021, it has been very difficult to deliver water through a canal system that had a very limited supply of water and also a limited capability for delivery through the complete system.

I have been on Antelope Creek in Valley County for 70 years, and I don't remember any other year when the creek didn't even trickle in the spring. Fortunately, I have seeps in the creek channel and wells that I can pump for stock water.

This year created more stress than normal and possibly more temper flares than normal. Now that the Glasgow Irrigation canal system is shut down for the season, maybe we can adjust our attitudes somewhat and possibly some apologies would be warranted in preparation for the next irrigation season.

I have made a few myself and perhaps others will follow suit and make next year a more pleasant season.

Conversation, rather than confrontation, seems like a better way to proceed.


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