By Susan Murr

Pool in Sad State of Disrepair

Letter to the Editor


August 4, 2021

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I am 32-years-old and a mother of one 8-year-old girl who enjoys swim team and swimming for fun.

I am looking to raise money to help pay for the Valley County Community Pool. Any amount will help build a new pool.

We still need an estimated $1.78 million. We do have a grant in place, but if we do not have the pool completed by 2023, we will lose the grant.

To have the pool built by 2023, we would have to start destruction of the current pool by the fall of 2022, and construction by the spring of 2023 to have it completed on time.

Unfortunately, the Valley County Community Pool Campaign is not yet a 501c(3) nonprofit, but they are working on it.

Their mission is to provide the citizens of Valley County with a safe and reliable swimming pool that meets their educational, physical fitness and recreational needs.

The campaign began with a simple idea that has blossomed into a real opportunity to make an impact. To make this a reality, we have decided to reach out and get the support of those who believe in our vision. Taking part in the campaign will give you a chance to join a truly amazing adventure and promote actual change.

Glasgow Pool, which opened in 1974, has long been a place of relaxation, exercise, practice and fun. Unfortunately, costly repairs and rework are more than the almost 45-year-old pool can take. Community members, swim team parents and leaders have come together to form a committee dedicated to raising money toward a new pool. We are focused on fundraising and support from our state, town and community to pull together the necessary funds to make our new pool dream a reality.

The existing pool is in a sad state of disrepair. Each spring, the city and the Kiwanis Swim Team spend over 100 hours of labor getting the pool ready for the new season. The preparations include patching cracks that have developed over the last year, re-mortaring chunks of concrete that have been dislodged through the previous pool season and freeze-thaw winter cycle, and painting the entire pool with a pool grade oil-based paint.

The pool has several significant cracks that cannot be patched over or repaired. These cracks continually leak groundwater in the pool cavity

The addition of groundwater into the pool water during the swimming season significantly adds to the amount of chlorination required to keep the pool safe and within operational guidelines for public access pools.

The deck surrounding the pool has sunk and is cracked in several places. This has placed significant pressure on the side walls, causing them to bow in towards the pool cavity. The cracks in the deck create dangerous trip hazards and have sent several kids to the emergency room for cuts and stitches.

The total estimated project cost ... is $2.78 million. Your donation will go toward [this project]. This is very important to me as a swim team parent that we get a new pool before ours is no longer operational.

To donate, visit or send a check to city of Glasgow, 319 3rd Street South, Glasgow, MT, 59230.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support.


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