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911 Calls


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There were 25 motor vehicle stops, seven assist citizens/public assists, six traffic controls, six animal controls, five hazards, three inspections requests, two dog/cat control calls and two reports for record.


• 0940 – Caller advised she has a package that was left at her residence on Friday for someone that doesn't live there with her address on it. She thinks they meant to put Place and not Lane. She has tried to call FedEx but they aren't answering. She called someone and they did not know this individual. Dispatch found someone in their system and left a message to call us pack and that there was a package left at a residence for him. Dispatch spoke with the reporting party and let her know.

• 1213 – Received a 911 call about a grass fire near the grain bins between Nashua and Frazer. The caller stated it wasn't a big fire yet but was concerned about it spreading. He stated it was north of the grain bins in the field. Paged Nashua Fire at 1215. Immediately received a call from LRFD FC who asked to have Long Run and BIA paged as well.


• 0103 – Caller reporting people in the house across the street. There was a vehicle that left. A deputy talked to the caller earlier and saw a vehicle. Per deputy, UTL.

• 0819 – Caller stated that during the night it appears that someone may have put a rock or something through his windshield of his truck in front of his residence. The caller stated he did not hear anything to alert him to anyone being around the area in the night. He also doesn't recall when the last time he saw the vehicle yesterday with his windshield intact. He did ask about the activity on the north side he had heard from his neighbors about someone messing with vehicles. Told him there were a few calls about different matters, but not everyone callas in. Alerted an officer of this call and he said he would go investigate this matter. The officer called in a couple of plate numbers associated with this call in the area.

• 0859 – Caller reported that while she was out walking, she saw what appeared to be someone siphoning gas from a boat in the area. She only saw one male. She is not sure but thinks he had a hose and appeared to be siphoning gas from them. A deputy made contact with the male. Deputy advised the suspect stated he was putting a cover on his boat is why he was in the area.

• 1307 – Roosevelt County dispatch called to request Long Run be paged out for the motor vehicle accident single vehicle roll over. They stated there were three people involved, two walking around and one laying on the ground. Unknown injuries. They stated they had already dispatched out Tribal officers and the Wolf Point ambulance. At 1354 FC advised the fire units had been released by MHP and were all headed back to the station.


• 1555 – Caller advised he has been getting a lot of text messages from different people wanting him to open an app, then go get money. He has deleted them all and has not given out any of his personal information. Dispatch did advise him not to open any of these messages as there could be a bug in them and the could get to his accounts that way even though he is not giving them any of his information.

• 1748 - Caller reported a fire in the barrow pit of HWY 24 North between MM 3 and MM 4. An officer advised that he'll be en route to slow down traffic. FD advised that they have the fire knocked down. All units can return to base.

• 2211 – Caller reported that she hit a light pole and a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant is under the vehicle. The light pole doesn't appear to have any damage. Notified water department. He will head down there. Also notified Northwestern Energy.


• 1234 – Male caller reported that he has been working out in Fort Peck at the Spillway. He met a woman who told him she could get him an apartment here in Glasgow. He gave this woman $200 and she gave him a key to the apartment. Today she came to him and wanted $230 more. He gave this to her, she then got upset about something, he didn't know why and locked the apartment bottom lock and left. His key only unlocks the top lock to this apartment. He has all his belongings outside this apartment building. He states he still has a few things left in the apartment but he has someone that is going to get him to the bus station so he can get back to Bozeman.

• 2041 – The caller received a threatening text message from a man. She still has the text message. Patcher her up with an officer.


• 0032 – Male RP called and requested someone to deal with one of the other campers who are making a lot of noice and keeping everyone awake. He has children and is trying to get some sleep. It was very difficult to understand this RP, his speech sounded slurred and muffled. A deputy requested the RP's phone number. He received no answer when he called. He and another deputy are walking through to find the people disturbing the peace. The deputies made contact with the campers making the noise and they have turned their radio off. Everything is 10-4.

• 1329 – Caller reported there is a vehicle that has broken down in the driving lane blocking traffic at the underpass. At 1358 an officer advised the vehicle has been towed, lane is clear now.

• 2202 – RCSO reporting a caller had reported a fire or a glow NW of Frazer and NE of Kintyre Flats. Another caller reporting the same. LRFD requesting mutual aid from BIA and Roosevelt County. Received eight 911 calls about this and possibly another fire south of the spillway.

• 2350 – Caller reporting she hit a deer. She doesn't see the deer and there is no apparent damage to her vehicle. No response needed.

• 2350 - Caller reporting a fire at MM 58 and about a mile east. He is heading over there. Caller's wife called about 10 minutes later as did the male caller saying it is out now as it had started raining.

• 2357 – Multiple callers reporting this fire, somewhere around Nashua Rd N and Cool Road. Norval Notified of poles burning.


• 0001 – Headed back out to fire from last night.

• 0044 – A woman reported a lightning strike fire east of MARCO. She has her crew checking it out. Her crew is out but can't leave the property and are waiting until it comes close to them.

• 1010 – Caller requested Opheim Fire respond to a fire. He stated Richland Fire was already responding to this fire and needed Opheim's assistance. The caller also stated this fire was moving to the wheat field.

• 1112 – Caller reported smoke alarms going off on the fourth floor at Nemont Manor. He doesn't see smoke or flames. An officer advised he did not smell anything burning or smoke.

• 1446 – McCone County requested assistance with a grass fire from Fort Peck.

• 1559 – A male called in stating they just had an incident where two males were harassing and threatening the two workers at the boat inspection station in Nashua. A deputy advised she patrolled and was UTL.


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