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By Chris McDaniel
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Biden Administration Admits Defunding Police Doesn't Work

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Talk about hypocrisy.

The Biden Administration is now touting efforts to fund police in a knee-jerk reaction to a massive increase in violence nationwide. This comes on the heels of 2020 when the Democrat platform did virtually nothing to denounce violent protesters across the country who torched cities as they chanted "defund the police."

While Biden never came out and said directly the words, "defund the police," he did answer a question asking if he was willing to redirect funding away from police departments.

"Yes, absolutely," he said.

This is classic politician double speak. Biden didn't want to alienate the far left, yet wanted to steal away centrists with a desire for law and order from the Trump ticket.

So, he said he would simply redirect monies away from police departments not reaching his criteria of decency. Yeah, thats just another way of saying defund the police.

One can look at Biden's picks for his administration for confirmation about where his stance truly lies.

• Biden's Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta said officials must heed calls to "decrease police budgets and the scope, role, and responsibility of police in our lives."

• As Boston Mayor, Biden's Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh proposed a budget to divert funding from law enforcement.

• Biden's Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke supported efforts to "defund the police."

• Biden even gave his adviser Steve Ricchetti's son, who promoted "defund the police," a top Treasury job.

And, Vice President Kamala Harris is also in on the game.

• Harris Claimed it's "outdated" and "wrongheaded" to think more police makes communities safer.

• She called for a lower police presence "to reimagine public safety."

• Applauded Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for defunding the police.

• Slandered police by agreeing they "just harass and take up space in poor communities."

• Helped raise bail money for violent protesters in Minnesota supporting the "defund the police" movement.

But now the Biden Administration is all for funding more police?

Welcome to clown world.

So what is the reason? Well, there is a possibility the Biden Administration wanted violence to soar to extreme levels before taking action to justify its war on the Second Amendment.

In a memorandum from the White House earlier this week, Susan Rice, Gene Sperling and Julie Rodriguez say President Biden is pushing for local and state governments to use American Rescue Plan funds to crack down on gun crime. These funds were meant to help the country weather the economic storm unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic lock-downs.

The administration is now trying to fix a problem it helped create, or at least did nothing about, during the 2020 campaign.

It was all about the end game. The administration used all those Antifa types in the street attacking cops, conservatives, Christians and buildings as pawns. They never intended to actually defund the police. Instead, they let the issue grow to a fever pitch so they could swoop in and use it as an excuse to put in place their anti-Constitutional policies.

Sorry to those on the far left. Ya'll got played.

For those who cherish gun rights, keep a wary eye on Washington. Biden is on record as saying he is coming for your guns. Now, with "public safety" as his mantra, he is attempting to do just that.

Just look at places in America with some of the strictest gun laws: California, New York. They have some of the highest gun crime rates in America. But don't worry, these laws will probably work in a community near you.

Looks like the swamp in D.C. is full of turbid water once more.


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