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Response To Halloween Night


November 11, 2020

Dear Editor,

I take serious offense to The Glasgow Courier November 4, 2020 headline “Community Hopes For Change After KKK Costume.” Really? The Courier seems anxious for a comment from somebody so let me give them one.

And for clarity, let me get this straight. Because of the distasteful and unintended actions of one person and a couple friends participating in Halloween festivities in our community, we are all to blame? I wasn’t even there but one thing I do know about celebrating in a bar during Halloween is this, your common sense can literally be flushed out of your brain 12 ounces at a time; been there and done that.

The person in the offensive story-photo that you refer to over and over is a local businessman and comes from a good family background in our community. ((He)) and a couple of his friends used poor judgment (period).

Your headline infers that the “person in question” and the “whole community” is/are racist and “we need to work on this.” He is now being “labeled” (judged) and identified as a racist, along with his extended family, the businesses involved and the whole community according to the Courier.

Your irresponsible front page headline and full page story above the fold, is definitely helping to fuel the fire to keep this unfortunate event and the names of those unintended participants at the forefront of everyone’s mind and for what, your two seconds of fame on TMZ?

Nobody involved in this “nothing burger” story meant any ill will or harm to anyone, it was a bad joke and most of us realize that. To the people that have made some very despicable comments toward the families and business owners who are both startup businesses in Glasgow, shame on you (to put it lightly). With friends like you who needs enemies!

The guy responsible has apologized, what more does the Courier need or want, a pound of flesh or perhaps he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town. Have you people at the Courier seen the movie “Blazing Saddles”? It is a satire which pokes fun at history, good or bad, when we the people in America used to be able to laugh at each other and our history and poke fun at one another without having an apoplexy. I realize those days are gone in this new cancel culture world we now live thanks to social media, but you people at the Courier need to retreat to your safe spaces and grow up.


Jon Wiltfong

Glasgow, Mont.


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