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A Message From The Valley County Commissioners

It’s Time

Our county is experiencing a large uptick in active Covid-19 cases. It’s in the schools, the nursing home and FMDH, in addition to our businesses and government offices.

It’s time to take social distancing recommendations seriously. Mask up, stay six feet away and wash your hands. If we can all do that, we will contain this virus and allow our essential service personnel to continue to provide our residents with the critical services we all need.

When our hospital and clinic personnel contract the virus, or are required to quarantine, it leaves medical service providers short to deliver critical services to us and to our loved ones.

When our educators and students contract the virus, it requires partial or full school closures. This means our children are required to get online to get their education which most of us agree is not a good long-term solution. Many parents are forced to stay home to care for their kids, and many of these parents perform essential services for all of us.

When our nursing home staff get the virus, they cannot come to work to take care of our most vulnerable citizens. Our parent, grandparent and other loved ones are not getting the care they need, besides already being deprived of our presence regularly at their side.

And finally when our business and government employees get the virus, they cannot open to provide the basic services we need to avoid further disruption to our lives.

So, Valley County residents, it’s time. It is our responsibility to get this virus under control by following social distancing recommendations every day, every place, every time.

Paul Tweten

John Fahlgren

Mary Armstrong


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