By Sievert McVee and Barnby
Glasgow, Mont. 

We Support Joe Horn for Valley County Sheriff


October 17, 2018

Dear Editor,

The Sheriff election is probably the most important issue on the voting ballot this year for Valley County. Back in 2002, Glenn Meier ran for Sheriff. At that time, he said one of the biggest assets was the knowledge of the county roads and trails learned from his brand inspector job. He was right. Down the road, as incumbent, he was re-elected in 2010. His opponent was Joe Horn whose loss margin was quite low. Prior to the 2014 election, then Sheriff Meier was planning to retire. When no one stepped up to the plate to run against Joe Horn in 2014, Meier put retirement on hold for a few months and again as incumbent, won the election with a very low margin. He re-scheduled his retirement during this term and Sheriff Buerkle took the helm of the county law enforcement. Now we are at the 2018 election and with internal problems a new candidate had to be recruited. Tom Boyer took or was handed the challenge. At this point the only “goal” as sheriff we have seen is to win the election. He has stated that he is the better candidate. Granted, he has the backing of the former sheriffs’ club but if you research, that is not necessarily a good thing.

Several things bother me about Mr. Boyer. Very little time as an actual deputy, work history that is not specific or documented (worked in medical field, worked in nursing, managed a multi-million dollar company) and not much knowledge of the county roads (the highways are for the Highway Patrol or as a means to get to a county road). Also, and the most underhanded demonstration, was the public forum at the Elks Club. There were several un-truths voiced there by two women. When asked who invited them to come at this time, just weeks before sheriff election, one of the ladies said that they came here of their own volition and did not see, meet or know anyone running against Joe Horn. Actually, the ‘not seeing, meeting or knowing anyone’ in the opposing bid for election, the night before the Elks forum, at Dan’s Diner, sponsored by Dan Taylor, one of the ladies is on Facebook with video taken at that meet n greet for Tom Boyer. The invitation to the Elks forum in the Courier said that “several citizens” asked them to come. That begs the question, how much more of the forum verbiage was un-true?

What does not bother me about Joe Horn is his work ethic and documented law enforcement experience, his specialized training and most important, his morals and integrity. He has relayed several goals as Sheriff to grow the sheriff’s department. Rather than re-write these goals, see his ad for the specifics of these goals. Or better yet, call him.

We support Joe Horn for Valley County Sheriff.


Shirley and LeRoy Siefert

Marlene McVee

Marla and Randy Barnby

Glasgow, Mont.


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