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By A.J. Etherington
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Author of 2003 Letter Found


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Lynsey Grobel is the author of the 2003 letter found on June 1, 2018, at GMS.

The author of the 2003 letter found on the last day of school by Shalynn Pedersen at Glasgow Middle School has come forward. Lynsey Grobel, who today lives in Helena, contacted the Courier to claim authorship of the letter featured on the front page of the June 6, edition of the paper.

When asked if she wrote the letter Grobel replied, "Yes, I vividly remember doing that!" Grobel claimed to remember wearing high top Skechers and she said Mrs. Bachtold was her favorite teacher. She confirmed from a picture of the letter that it was certainly her handwriting on the page. She was not sure but believed she wrote the letter with a friend named Tori Gagne, but according to Grobel, Gagne did not remember the details of the letter when she asked her about it.

"My only guess would be this girl Tori, because we used to do little things like that and hide them around town," commented Grobel, while discussing the reasons for writing the letter and the friend who helped her write it. She explained further saying, "I was a creative adventurous kid at the time. I used to even fill shoe boxes with little items and bury them in the ground hoping someone would dig it up someday."

Asked if she ever thought the letter would wait 15 years to be discovered she replied, "I thought it would be found within a couple years, not 15." Grobel described the memory of writing and hiding the letter saying, "It feels incredible! Seeing the letter definitely brings back some fun memories."

The June 6 story, Finder Seeks Author of 2003 Letter Found at GMS, misspelled Shalynn Pedersen's name. It is correct in this story and the Courier regrets the error.


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