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By Georgie Kulczyk
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Joe Horn Runs For Sherriff


April 25, 2018

Courtesy Photo / For the Courier

Joe Horn poses for a photo back when he worked on the Glasgow PD.

Joe Horn has thrown his hat in the ring as a candidate for Valley County Sheriff in the upcoming election.

It is the third time Horn has pursued the position, with previous bids in 2010 and 2014, when he ran against incumbent Sheriff Glen Meiers.

Candidate Horn has 25 years of experience in law enforcement, which he believes makes him the best candidate for the job. Horn is also a military veteran, serving in the Air Force from 1971 – 1974.

He is a 2003 graduate of the Montana Law Enforcement Academy (MLEA) and subsequently earned an intermediate certificate from the academy.

He began his law enforcement career in a maximum security penitentiary in Iowa, where he was charged with supervising inmates. He also has specific experience in the war on drugs as an undercover officer for a year-and-a-half.

Horn spent the remaining years of his career as a beat cop, which he enjoyed the most. "I love people," he explained. "I like being a public servant and I think you should treat people like you would want to be treated."

Although he has several changes in mind for the department if elected, Horn's biggest concern is in how tax dollars are spent in the county. "I'm stingy when it comes to my tax dollars," he explained. "Common sense needs to be brought back and our tax dollars need to stay in the county."

Specific changes he would make to help the department save money include purchasing used vehicles instead of brand new for the department. "It's about cutting corners," said Horn. "If you purchase three cars each year, you could save probably $30,000 by just buying a vehicle that is a year or two older with lower miles."

He would also focus on retention of deputies. "Turnover costs the department an astronomical amount of money," he explained, citing the cost of sending new employees to the academy, working shorthanded and more. "I'm not going in with the intention of firing anybody," said Horn. "I want to retain current employees and make them happy. Happy employees are good employees."

He would also work toward implementing four 10-hour shifts for the staff. "If they could work four days and have three days off to enjoy their families and their time off, I think that would make a difference."

Horn would boost the departments presence in the county by increasing their visibility. "Why do our county vehicles look like PTI vehicles?" he pondered. "I would put light bars on all of the vehicles. We can cut down on crime by just having a noticeable presence."

He would also work on establishing and maintaining good relationships with other law enforcement agencies. "We are all brothers in blue, no matter what uniform we're wearing," he stated. "I'd also like to implement a reserved deputy program that could help with emergencies or providing extra help."

In summary, Horn's major focus will be on saving tax dollars and keeping as many tax dollars in the county as possible. "It's not right to spend a half million dollars in Billings for a product or service we can provide here," he explained. "I'm also glad to hear that they got rid of the airplane. Why were tax dollars spent maintaining hangar space at the airport and allowing deputies to get their personal pilot's license? We need to stop wasting our tax dollars."


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