By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Darning Socks


February 28, 2018

Do you remember darning socks? Or maybe you remember having to wear them. Some years ago my grandmother lived with us and was always looking for something to do. My girls hated it when she decided it would be a good thing to darn their socks. I don’t remember them being uncomfortable to wear, but maybe the comfort depended on the skills of the person doing the darning.

I found a wooden darning bulb in my treasures the other day. This consisted of a light bulb-shaped wooded piece and another piece that served as the handle. Two separate pieces, so in my infinite wisdom, I decided to glue them together so they did not get separated. That apparently was a huge mistake, as I was informed they were separate pieces for a reason. The opening for the “handle” was also used to secure the sock in place while working on it.

I guess my grandmother used the old light bulb method, which some of us are much more familiar with. Even with all of the wonderful conveniences we have today, I can not imagine sitting down to watch TV and mending socks while doing so. I do have a thing about recycling and keeping things as I might need it some day, however neither wearing or darning socks appeals to me. Some things are best left in the “Good ole days.”


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