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Back–to–School Commute Awareness

And then school was back in session. While we’re all still glowing with that summer tan, it is hard to get back into the swing of school schedules and school traffic, pedestrian and otherwise.

Your Glasgow Police Department would like to remind you that these early fall mornings see a large number of young, often inexperienced travelers on our residential streets. Whether kindergarteners, trudging under the weight of a new backpack, running haphazardly into intersections, or packs of older kids, they present a precious hazard. Please keep your eyes open and obey posted speed limits. We will also have new, young drivers heading to the Glasgow High School. This fall, the rising sun will be blinding everyone heading east on Hwy. 2 in the morning, so please be mindful of those around you.

Most importantly though, the GPD would like to remind everyone that our officers are always available for concerns and support. We will be conducting additional patrols, morning and afternoon, on our school routes to ensure the safety of all of our commuters and we are, relentlessly, “Committed to Community.”


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