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By Gwen Cornwell
Remember When 

Remembering the Roads


The only thing that comes to my mind today is [that it’s] hot and dry and we are all depressed enough about that, so I am trying to think of other things.

I recently made a trip to the Western part of our state, getting to see some family and friends. I am a flat land driver and do not like curves well at all, however making the drive did make me think of days gone by. I can remember making a journey or two during my younger days when living at home.

The cars of the 50s: no air conditioning, but big and comfortable.

Then my mind went to what the highways were like in those days. Looking at some of old Hwy. 2, I have a hard time imagining what it must have been like to meet oncoming traffic. Narrow road, larger cars. Of course the speed limit may have been 50 mph, which would have made a difference.

Can you even imagine how uncomfortable travel was in the early days? As I said above, no air conditioning, but we did have windows with cranks that you rolled down. That didn’t do much for hairdos, or any loose items within the car, but it was air movement and sure beat leaving the windows up. If you were the driver or front seat passenger, maybe using that air vent window made it better.

If you made a trip of any distance, you maybe packed a lunch. Not only was it costly to stop somewhere to eat, but there were no little convenience stores every few miles.

I remember taking a few trips in those days and we were lucky to get to stop at a little park, etc. to eat. Just eat, while driving or riding, that way you got where you were going faster. Remember, 50 mph did make for longer driving time.

So friends, keep praying for rain and cooler temps. It will not only make trips more enjoyable, it will definitely improve dispositions and attitudes in this area. Some have been there before, but it doesn’t make today for them, or us, much easier.


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