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By Owen Childers
St. Marie 

We've Been Blessed

Letter to the Editor


wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Sure we have some people that we wish would bless other communities and counties with their presence; and yes we have some individuals who like to inform God and the UN of everything that goes on that they don't approve of (which is just about everything); BUT. I love this place! The people aren't hicks, they are pretty savvy when it comes to modern electronic devices, their usage and pitfalls; they won't give you the shirt of their back, instead they go out and buy you a new one; the past, it's just that, the past! What counts is what you do from here on out. The young people, I would pit most of them up against any young people anywhere. They are intelligent, know how to work hard, are not afraid to act out what they believe in and they can communicate articulately. We've been blessed in this corner of Montana, the big city ills (political, financial and violence related) haven't affected us like other places and I believe that is because we have kept, pretty much intact, what got us here; our faith in God, our belief in our country (although that at times is sorely tried) and a willingness to work hard. I pray for this place, and part of my prayer is that we do not abandon the principles that have brought us this far nor do we become stagnant and comfortable in our present blessings but use those principles to guide us as we move forward. I don't know how others feel, but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else!


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