By Janice Shanks

Praise for Potter

Letter to the Editor


If you're not a "local" from the Nashua community, and you've visited the Nashua cemetery for whatever reason, you may wonder or perhaps have even commented that it's a pretty lonely-looking place to be buried. No, it's not surrounded by beautiful bushes or proud-standing pine trees landscaping its outskirts, but there is lots of other never-ending beauty. We enjoy harmony of wild birds, sightings of Bald Eagles passing through, a night owl perched high on the white cross, the distant sound of cattle bawling, the sights of the gorgeous Montana sunrises/sunsets, and the peaceful view of the Porcupine Creek/Valley. We don't have lawn surrounding the gravesites, but instead we enjoy the grass under our feet that Mother Nature has provided us with since "day 1". We don't have lilac bushes on every grave, but instead we appreciate the lilac bushes that have sporadically survived over the years watered only by the welcoming rain from Mother Nature. Our cemetery doesn't get manicured by a team of maintenance personnel, but we are so very blessed to have Nashua's town maintenance person, Larry Potter, manicure our little cemetery grounds. Many folks stopped by the Nashua cemetery over memorial weekend and seemed so pleased at how much work Larry provided to the area to help bring out it's own beauty and to make us all proud of what we have for our deceased loved ones. If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing a small town cemetery, high on a hill overlooking a peaceful valley, then you really should take a few minutes to see the beauty that only small-town America can appreciate. Awesome job, keep up the great work Larry.


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