By Pat Knierim
For the Courier 

Successful Season for the 2017 Winter Lego Club


Levi Stanley, Ava Runner, Jack Miller and Haley Stanley

The successful season for the 2017 Winter Lego Club at the Glasgow City-County Library is drawing to a close, with a regular meeting this week and a pizza party for all the participants the following week. Pat Knierim has headed up the program for the library, with Kim Kompel and her son, Zach, providing the regular support staff. The Friends of the Library has agreed to help defray expenses for the pizza party and prizes.

Charlie Soper

The Lego Club has been meeting weekly since the middle of January, and has had as many as 25 young people attend on a weekly basis. Creative "free play" is encouraged with bags of random Lego pieces for use at each session, as well as numerous kits of related pieces for making a specific project. At the conclusion of each session, all participants gathered to show their work and explain their projects.

The local Thrivent representative, Shelly George, has been instrumental in securing a grant for $250 which will buy more Lego sets for the coming season. Also included in the gift were t-shirts for the kids, which will be given out at the last session.


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