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By Georgie Kulczyk
The Courier 

Nashua, Frazer, Lustre Roundball


Georgie Kulczyk /The Courier

Dylan Sanner (l) and Nathaniel Clark (r) fight for a chance at a rebound during the Frazer/Nashua game held Dec. 16.

Frazer 67, Nashua-Opheim 40

The newly formed co-op of the Nashua-Opheim Rivals faced the Frazer Lady Bearcubs Dec. 16 in Frazer. Game starters for the Rivals were Taylor Laumeyer, Sarah Morgan, Hayley Fauth, Grace Carroll and Ryleigh Delich. Coming off the bench were Zoe Glasoe, Nicole Williams, Shelby Fuhrmann, Amber Lee and Kaydin Sibley.

For Frazer, the Bearcubs started with Shaedel Adams, Kyrsten Miller, Sierra Summers, Mya Fourstar and Kylee Lilley. Also seeing some playing time were Julia Smoker, Hailee Fourstar and Cassie Clampitt.

The Lady Bearcubs dominated the entire first half of the ball game, out-scoring the Rivals 42-17. The second half played out differently, with the Rivals scoring just one less bucket than Frazer and closing the gap in the score.

It wasn't enough to overcome the first half, however, and the Lady Bearcubs claimed the win with a final score of 67-40.

Defensively, it would seem that the Lady Bearcubs had to work hard at denying the Rivals, as they earned 22 fouls during the game and lost a pair of Fourstars to the five-foul limit.

Leading scorers for the Lady Bearcubs were Adams with 23, M. Fourstar with 17, and Summers with 13. At the freethrow line, the team sunk 61 percent of their attempts.

For the N-O Rivals, Carroll and Sibley led the scoring with 10 points each, followed by Fauth and Laumeyer, who both had eight points

In addition to the temporary loss of Devin Fromdahl to a medical injury, the Rivals will also have to deal with the likely permanent loss of Nashua's Delich, who went down with a serious injury during the game.

Nashua 8  9  7  16 -40 

Frazer 21 21 17 10 -67 

Nashua: Taylor Laumeyer 8, Nicole Williams 2, Sarah Morgan 2, Hayley Fauth 8, Grace Carroll 10, Kaydin Sibley 10. Fouled out: T. Laumeyer. Freethrows: 51.7 percent.

Frazer: Kyrsten Miller 3, Shaedel Adams 23, Mya Fourstar 17, Sierra Summers 13, Hailee Fourstar 4, Julia Smoker 3, Kylee Lilley 3, Cassie Clampitt 1. Fouled out: M. Fourstar, H. Fourstar. Freethrows: 61.1 percent.

Frazer 102, Nashua 38

Following the girls' game on Friday, the boys varsity Porcupines and Bearcubs hit the floor. Even with the talent the Porcupines bring to the game, there was no stopping the boys from Frazer.

The starting lineup for Nashua included Nolan Viste, Dalton Kautz, Chase Williams, Dylan Sanner and Gavin Adkins. Starting for the Bearcubs were Korbin Cole, Nathaniel Clark, Saunder St. Marks, Brayden Jackson and Jayson Jackson.

St. Marks led the Bearcubs with 30 points, followed by B. Jackson with 23 and Nathan Hamilton, who came off the bench to score 23 as well. By the end of the game, Frazer crossed the 100-point threshold with B. Jackson sinking three at the charity stripe.

Defensively, Frazer played a cleaner game than the Lady Bearcubs did against the N-O Rivals, earning only 17 fouls and keeping all their players in the game.

For the Porcupines, four of the starters shared credit for the scoring. Viste and Sanner finished with nine points, Adkins dropped eight, and Williams led with 12.

Nashua 12  13  6  7 -38 

Frazer 26  24 22  30 -102 

Nashua: Nolan Viste 9, Gavin Adkins 8, Chase Williams 12, Dylan Sanner 9. Fouled out: Kautz. Freethrows: 47.1 percent.

Frazer: Brayden Jackson 23, Jayson Jackson 5, Nathaniel Clark 13, Korbin Cole 2, Saunder St. Marks 30, Xander LittleThunder 6, Nathan Hamilton 23. Freethrows: 54.5 percent.

Lustre 44, Nashua-Opheim 23

On Dec. 17, the boys and girls from Lustre traveled to Nashua for two varsity games. The girls started off with The Lady Lions taking on the Nashua-Opheim Rivals.

Starting for the Rivals were Laumeyer, Morgan, Fauth, Sibley and Carroll, with the remaining roster also seeing some playing time during the game.

Starting for the Lady Lions were Kaitlyn Toavs, Halle Reddig, Sadie Brown, Kassie Kirkaldie and Kylie Kirkaldie.

Brown led the team with 22 points. At the freethrow line, Lustre also completed 50 percent of their attempts.

With the team down two solid players, the Rivals struggled to make progress during the game. Offensively, they fell short as the Lady Lions outscored them in all but one quarter. Sibley led the scoring with 10 points, followed by Laumeyer with 8 and Carroll with 5. The girls sunk half of their attempted freethrows.

Lustre 12 15 9 8 -44

N-O   6  4  0 13 -23

Rivals: Taylor Laumeyer 8, Grace Carroll 5, Kaydin Sibley 10.  Freethrows: 50 percent.

Lustre: Amber Reddig 1, Kaitlyn Toavs 7, Megan Fast 2, Sadi Brown 22, Kassie Kirkaldie 7, Kylie Kirkaldie 5. Freethrows: 50 percent.

Nashua 47, Lustre 39

The boys from Nashua earned a win against Lustre following the girls game on Saturday. In addition to the five Porcupine starters, Sawyer Sibley and Ethan Viste came off the bench to contribute to the score. Adkins led the scoring with 18 points, but also took his lumps defensively and fouled out of the contest.

Starting for the Lions were Zach Brown, Thomas Brown, Etien de Gruiter, Levi Brown and Michael Brown. M. Brown was the top scorer with 16 points followed by Z. Brown with 14.

Nashua 10  12 9 16 -47

Lustre 7  14  11 7 -39

Nashua: Nolan Viste 9, Dalton Kautz 8, Ethan Viste 2, Gavin Adkins 18, Dylan Sanner 9, Sawyer Sibley 1. Fouled out: Gavin Adkins.  Freethrows: 43.8 percent.

Lustre: Zach Brown 14, Thomas Brown 7, Levi Brown 2, Michael Brown 16. Fouled out: Levi Brown, Terry Almer, Michael Brown. Freethrows: 54.5 percent.


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