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By Fran Buell
Gildford, MT 

Vote No on I-77

A Letter to the Editor


On Nov. 8, 2016, the electorate will cast their vote for or against I-177, banning trapping on all public lands in Montana.

Public lands defined in I-177 as “all federal-, county-, city-owned land in Montana, INCLUDING public lands leased to private parties.

Contained in I-177: persistent animal problems will be determined by fish, wildlife and parks, will use alternative methods of animal removal, including fladry, guard dogs, range riding, temporary fencing and/or relocation of person/property in a predator den area. This means the rancher moving his livestock (which is on land he is paying the state to lease) to another area.

Who will benefit by the passage of I-177? Animal rights groups.

Who will lose by the passage of I-177? Farmers, ranchers, sportsman, taxpayers, state agencies involved in removal of problem animals, state and county park users.

In conclusion, please obtain a copy of I-177, read it, see if passed into law how it would affect Montana and more importantly “you” as a citizen.

This is not a common sense initiative but one based on emotion rather than proper management of Montana’s resources and land.

Fran Buell

Gildford, MT


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