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By Denise Juneau
House Happenings 

On the Side of Working Montanans


For the last seven years, I’ve had the honor of fighting to make Montana’s future brighter as the head of Montana’s public schools.

I’m proud to say that by putting politics aside and working hand-in-hand with communities across Montana, we’ve raised graduation rates to historic highs, creating a multi-million-dollar boost to our state’s economy. In fact, 58 communities are now part of Graduation Matters Montana, including Brockton, Frazer, Glasgow, Poplar, Sidney and Wolf Point.

I’ve pushed back on federal policies that don’t fit our rural state. And I’ve raised academic standards, so that when students walk across the state on graduation day, they are more prepared than ever for college, the military, their careers, and building a bright future for their own families right here in Montana.

Through my work with schools, communities and businesses, I know that when we work together, we can get great things done for our state.

I grew up in rural Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation. My family’s roots can be traced back to before Montana was a state. We didn’t start out with much, but my parents instilled in me a work ethic that can only be found here in Montana. They taught me that with a good education, hard work, and a devotion to the people and places that are home to me – it is possible to go from Head Start all the way to Harvard – and then back home again, carrying with me ideas about how to make a real difference in the future of Montana.

When I travel around our state, I see young people who are engaged and excited about Montana’s future. I speak with 30-somethings who left home for college, and returned to Montana to launch their businesses, start their families, and build their own lives just down the street from where they grew up.

I speak with veterans who selflessly served our country and only want us to make sure that we provide what they are due.

I speak with sportsmen and women who want to make sure our elected leaders protect their cherished hunting, fishing and recreating spots so that we keep our public lands in public hands for their children and their children’s children.

And everyone I speak with knows I’m on the side of working Montanans, not special interests.

I’m running for Congress to put Montana’s people, land and economy first. I’m in this race to make sure Montanans finally get the representation in the U.S. House that we deserve. I want to go to Congress to get real work done for the people of Montana.

Montanans don’t want a rubber stamp in Congress for one party or another. They want an independent and honest voice for our state. Someone who says it’s not OK to sell our public lands to the highest bidder. Someone who says it’s not OK for women to earn 74 cents for every dollar a man earns. Someone fights for our public schools and universities, so our kids can achieve their highest potential. Someone who’s not in it to help corporate special interests but instead, is in it for you.

Montana only has one member of the U.S. House. One voice for one million Montanans. Let’s make sure that sole voice represents all of us. Our state deserves a Congresswoman who has a record of delivering for our state. Someone who has a record of putting our people, land and economy first.

Denise Juneau is Montana’s two-term Superintendent of Public Instruction and is running for Montana’s only seat in the U.S. House. She is set to debate Congressman Ryan Zinke in Frazer on Aug. 29.


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